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Marks of Excellence in Carousel Not Displaying

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Greetings, Aslain. I will begin with thanks for all the work you put into this community. :)

My problem is that MoE are not showing up on the tanks that have them (in carousel extra info).
As the problem is simple to describe, I'll not bother with screenshots.
Log files are attached.
No urgency as it's not affecting game play at all (that I've yet seen).

Thanks again! :)



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Discovered what the problem was.
Default icon location was at coordinate x138. I assume this was with carousel scale 1.0 in mind. I have mine set to 0.8 as I use 4 rows due to the large number of tanks in my garage (237 including the three 8-bit tanks). Because of lower scale, your original coordinate was putting the icon off the carousel square.
I've adjusted to a reasonable location and icon is now visible.

The location is x100, and the MoE icon appears squarely under the '2x' for daily XP bonus.
You can close this issue.

Thanks again, and keep on rockin' :D


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