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Blank Screen before login

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Just a heads up installed (Aslains_XVM_Mod_Installer_v.4.2.9_96) on the Asia server and got a black blank screen just before you entered your login details. Started uninstalling auto login, disable intro movie etc. Found the affending mod was " Save Login". Once I disabled that I could then get to the login screen and enter my details.



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getting to the log in page and then getting black screen of death , will try disabling a few things in next install



ok deleted the SAVE LOGIN SERVER and it works fine for me now



Special thanks to KILLER KIRBY /I\ 



                                              above me  ;-)

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Hi guys,


I tried the above mentioned fixes to the issue but I still couldn't get it to work.


Anyone got anything else I can try other than reinstalling the game which I have done only to find out its a mod problem. :wacko:




Down loaded latest version, no issues Thank you Aslain

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I'm in the same boat as akepmtb.


I logged into the game, realized I needed to update mods so logged out and did the update. Only to find since downloading I'm just getting the black screen even after doing the above suggested. So I know it's not the game, that was working before I did the mod update.




OK now working with - Enable auto-login to the game, Skip Intro Movie & Favorite Server - all Disabled

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