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mission autostart

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I don't no if its a bug or feature but I started doing the T-28 missions, when I complete a mission and click the button to start  the next it starts the mission for the Stug 4 (that has not had the secondary completed) and not the T28.


is there a way to stop this as I have to go in and cancel the stug mission and start the T28 which defeats the object of the start next button lol


thanks for any help

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ok I found the problem and solution.

I completed the Stug 4 mission without finishing the light missions, I did the other 4 with honours so no need.


if u haven't completed ALL the previous mission sets then the mod auto takes u back to them.


u can turn this "feature off" by editing the following file





and changing


<IgnoringFinishedSeries> true </IgnoringFinishedSeries> 


to false, this will keep the quest in the same mission set


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