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LegionLost Issue

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I was able to test this out, and when I switched back to J1mb0 v2 the lag and loss of framerates stopped.  So, I am pretty sure it was related to the updated LegionLost crosshair.  After I played a game with it, every time I zoomed in I would drop to around 5 fps, game was so laggy that when I shot at someone they were not there when the shot registered.  Going to try another crosshair, but either the server is extremely laggy, or there is an issue with LegionLost.


Just to clarify, when I would zoom in to target someone the game would freeze for 2-5 seconds, and then drop down to 3-5 fps until zoomed out.  Didn't have this issue with J1mb0 V2, going to stick with J1mb0 v2 for now.


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