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BOOT CAMP [BCAMP] is recruiting Active Players

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Boot Camp is a competitive clan in all aspects of the game.


We are looking for players who wish to grow along with us.


We participate in Global Map Clan Wars, Advance Battles, and Skirmishes.


As we grow and compete on the global arena we will pay out gold to those who participates.

  • Last Season 15 we finish at number 58
  • We accumulated 0ver 50K in Gold
  • Gain over 90K influence points
  • Active member in the Clan Wars depending on their battle count receive over 2k in gold


Requirements to Join:

  1. Speaks English, Some players in the clan speak Spanish as well
  2. WN8 - 1000+Recents* + Win Rate - 48% Recent.*
  3. At least two CW tanks in the current meta, Maus, Obj. 277, 5A, Obj. 140, STB-1, Super Conq.
  4. At least four active days a week.
  5. Most importantly, the ability and willingness to better yourself as a competitive player.
  6. TeamSpeak is mandatory*: ts32.gameservers.com:9116
  7. This Requirements will change as the clan grows and progresses

*- TeamSpeak is mandatory and must be in TeamSpeak while in game

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