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Game controls lock up in-game, reconnecting doesn't work

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So this has happened to me a few times since the patch. I've tried to do fully clean installs of Aslain's to fix it, as well as a clean install of WoT.


The problem is that you lose all control over the turret really. You can click to fire, and you can move as I recall, but you can't look around or anything - first couple times I thought it was a problem with my mouse but nope.


I tried to get around this by reconnecting to the game, but after logging in it launches the match but the loading screen never goes away (not sure if this is connected or not, could be a separate issue). I get the OTMs of spotted mechs and it looks like I can even move around (really hard to tell, have to base it on moving OTMs), but they're all on top of the loading screen instead of, like, the actual stuff you're supposed to see.


I'm not sure exactly what causes it. Last time, it was as I tried to shoot a just-dead enemy tank and safe shot kicked in, but safe shot has worked without problem since the patch before so I don't think that's it (at least not entirely).


Files are attached.



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