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Kolor zadawanych obrażeń

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sekcja "// Color settings." od 61 linijki w dół (przynajmniej tak mi się wydaje)

Btw - ta opcja jest lepsza, bo wiesz czy to Ty walnąłeś czy kolega z plutonu :)

To będzie CHYBA ta sekcja:

 "player_ally_blowup":         "0x6819B8",
      "player_ally_hit":            "0x6819B8",
      "player_ally_kill":           "0x6819B8",
      "player_allytk_blowup":       "0x6819B8",
      "player_allytk_hit":          "0x6819B8",
      "player_allytk_kill":         "0x6819B8",
      "player_enemy_blowup":        "0x6819B8",
      "player_enemy_hit":           "0x6819B8",
      "player_enemy_kill":          "0x6819B8",
      "player_enemytk_blowup":      "0x6819B8",
      "player_enemytk_hit":         "0x6819B8",
      "player_enemytk_kill":        "0x6819B8",
      "player_squadman_blowup":     "0x6819B8",
      "player_squadman_hit":        "0x6819B8",
      "player_squadman_kill":       "0x6819B8",
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