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View range circle bug

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I don't know if it's an issue with your setting or on the XVM end but I'm posting it here anyway. I have dynamic view range enabled so I have Red (max rendering distance), yellow (445m max view range), turquoise (dynamic view range) and navy blue (view range while moving) visible. If my tanks view range goes over the maximum of 445m without binos it will show the blue circle outside of the maximum of 445m while the dynamic view range stays at 445m. I don't recall ever having this issue before until yesterday and it's really bothering me whether it's an issue with the settings or a bug. As far as I can remember the blue circle used to stay at 445m if your view range exceeded that and it overlapped with the dynamic view range circle and was hiding it. 

The issue seems to not be there with binos ans the dynamic view range always caps at 445m so it's only an issue with the navy blue "on move" indicator. Not the best explanation but hopefully you got the hang of it.

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