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4.3.8 CTD without any sound or custom crosshair mods

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Same here. Wish I checked the forum after the first game before playing another. What's weird is that it started crashing more quickly until it just crashed instantly when getting to the garage. Rolling back to  4.3.6


Don't use any crosshair mods either. Use gnomefather engine and warthunder gun sounds. I don't really use anything that the update affected.

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Same thing also in 4.3.7 ,now with 4.3.8 give ctd from frist battle, i dont have sounds pack or crosshairs or other graphic mod instaled just win chances, the colors of players, wn8 eff panel, wings, fire alarm, damage panel

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I have both of the gnome sound mods, meltys sights, spot vehicle direction indicator, several other things. No auto aim or safe shot. Its running great for me in 4.3.6. Just posting to let you know its probably not the sound or reticle mods.

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