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Pre 12.1 CV Flight Deck Display Reverter?

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Hello All,

In the developer bulletin for Update 12.1 Wargaming is changing the display of aircraft on the flight decks of carriers from the current mostly realistic system to one where it only displays the number of aircraft in the attacking flight. Nobody asked for this change and while it has no game play effect it is completely aesthetically displeasing to look at especially when looking at the massive size of some of the Top Tier CV's and then they only have like 8 planes on them. This wouldn't be a problem if WG gave us the option to have either the new or current system since they are purely aesthetic but they are removing the current setup entirely. Therefore i wanted to ask now before the update if there were any modders that would be willing to go in and save the existing deck park information so that a mod could be made after the update has gone live for those of us that really like the look of the current carriers and dont want them ruined by only having 8 planes on a Midway.


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