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FastestClassic+Gnomefather's Engine sounds: KV-4

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I just looked and there's an optional file to deliberately include the steam engine sound.

Strange that it's installed as default. I thought we had to enable these, like with the French light tank engine sounds.

I'll check my mods later, and up a "custom mod" 7z file to not have the steam engine as default later today.

(Also strange that no one else mentioned that they knew this. Nobody did???)

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At some point, this + the ELC rally car sounds were separated into optional files, but they have been included in the default download to simplify the install process. That being said, I am thinking I will split them off into a separate download after the next update, since I have seen several comments on this (and I have realized that removing the optional files after every update is not exactly convenient 😅).


In the meantime, these can be disabled by navigating to <Your WoT install location>\mods\configs\PYmods\soundEventInjector\configs\ and removing these two files:

  • Gnome_Zorg_OPTIONAL_ELC_engines.json
  • Gnome_Zorg_OPTIONAL_KV-4_Steam_Engine.json
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I've always disliked the go-cart sounds for the EVEN 90, and have used the AMX 30 engine sounds. The steam engine sounds are GREAT, but make no sense on the KV-4. They need to be available for the FV-4005, which *has* a steam locomotive 3D skin.


If you wish to be even cooler, you could also provide some type of crackling/humming motor sound (+ minor track squeaking) for the Super Conqueror "Jupiter Fulgore" 3D skin, and same sounds for the Udes 15/16 "Vital Spark" 3D skin. (Technically, motors make no real noise, so the sound would be the whine of the transmission + some crackling from cool sci-fi high voltage.)


I'd fixed this on my end and forgot to mark it resolved. Sorry. All good now.

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