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Battle results, xvm colors, multihit log, arty splash explosions, game loading explosions

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Ok, not really bug reporting, more like "i'm a noob, how do I fix this?".


1. First of all, when I'm in a battle and the previous battle ends, I don't get that message in chat with the result of previous battle. Don't know if the feature is gone or if it's there and I can't turn it on.


2. There are 5 options for XVM colors and I don't know which one is the official one. I use(d) "6 colors by Team XVM (original XVM scale)" and it says that 'green' wn8 begins at 1325 and I've seen even 1370 in battle with yellow color. When I asked, some guy in chat told me that the original XVM has 1300 wn8 as a border between yellow and green. But I can't seem to find something like that anywhere. What's the original and official XVM scale/rating ?


3. Is there a way to put MultiHit Log under the list with my own team? I can't see it on top right corner due to old monitor + bad resolution.


4. When I play arty I can't see the splash, even if it hits the ground, all shots look like a hit (no explosion either). I play on minimal graphics. Is it because of that or I checked some "hide details" on the mod pack?


5. Is there a way to stop those annoying stupid explosions at the beginning of the game? Who the f*** thought that's a good feature to put in the fricking game?!! Can I somehow turn that off? Would be great.


Sorry for the text wall :)



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