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Team roughneck gunsights

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I saw that the Team roughneck gunsights were removed from the modpack here:


v4.3.7 (01-05-2015):
- removed crosshairs that under certain circumstances were causing CTD right after loading to battle: KT crosshairs, Harpoon crosshairs, Optic TRG
is that correct?  Thats the current crosshairs I use, and i really like them and want to keep them.  In a later update it says aslain updated some kind of gun script or something here
v4.3.12 (05-05-2015):
- updated sights.pyc one more time
so does that mean that the current modpack has the team roughneck gunsights or not?  I want to update but I dont want to lose the gunsights that I have grown accustomed too:)


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