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WOWS autospy contour icons

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Ok I think I figured them all out.



Battleships:  Gun Range / Speed (autospy if you see this, I think Armor would be more helpful)  Secondary guns or AA may be nice as well.

Cruisers and DD:  Left set Torp Range / Damage (in thousands)

Carriers: Torp Damage (in thousands)  Sec guns and AA would be useful as well.

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This is what I've figured out:


Top line:

Surface detectability range (( )) Air detectability range

>> Maximum speed

...third symbol I'm not sure of; it looks like a gun, so I'm thinking the AA rating


Second line:

Max range of torpedoes ||| Reload time in seconds

Max range of guns (before captain skills or mounted upgrades) (+) Reload time in seconds

For CVs, it lists the max torpedo damage

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