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Malware in the installer?

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Whelp, first post on the forums, and it's on a topic i'd rather it not be.


Anywho, I don't know if I am getting them from the installer, but they seem to only crop up around when I download a new version. They install an add-on to my firefox, as well as install around 4 or 5 "deals" related programs, which insert a rather large search query advertisement at the top of every single web page when using firefox, IE, and Chrome. Most are easily removed and don't show up until I get the latest version of Aslains, or around that time.


As I wanted to know if it is the mod installer, has anybody else had this problem?

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lol scrub. get better anti virus software. probably form all the porn you watch and site you check. and the answer is NO. it is not aslains mod. at all. As long you downlaod thwe installer from aslain itself. So i suggest you either check the sites you're viewing, the programs you are downloading from sketchy sites, and removing ads. Install malwarebytes.

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Chrome likes to bitch about it from time to time too, i just tell it to piss off and let ME decide what i feel is safe or not. Censorship in any form... *patooey* . At any rate, i have never had ill effects from using aslain's mods (dl'd from HIS server of course, careful with imposters/reposters). My virus scanner says it's fine, and everything i've ever read on it says the same thing. If he named the file with a made-up extension, it would probably never get questioned by browsers/virus sw. I send .exe's via gmail all the time simply by changing the .exe to .bss (or whatever) and it sends with no problem. All the receiver has to do is change it back to .exe once they have it downloaded. 


Always more than one way.... 

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I feel if I can't even trust someone with a rep like Aslain without putting his hard work under an electronviruscope, it's time to just toss the tech and go fishin'. Always support his work by clicking the sponsored links... while I don't install adfly, I atleast make sure he gets the click credit. After his work this morning, I need to make a nice donation too!  


As always, thanks for your efforts Aslain! (esp when not really up to it)

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