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I'm currently on version 4.4.5 and the update notification says that this version is "up to date" however at the time of posting the current version is 4.4.13.  The update notifications were saying I was out of date for other versions (4.4.7) but I think it stopped after they went into the double digits.  I also noticed this happen when I took a break a patch or two ago and came back about a month later. This isn't really an issue because I frequently check the site and changelogs before I decide to update however I just wanted to make you aware I was experiencing this behavior.


Thanks for all the work you do putting this mod together WoT is almost unplayable without it for me!



Edit:  I updated to 4.4.14 and it seems that the update notification thing was been updated so this might be fixed idk...  Ill say something if I ever happens again

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