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WoWs overhead mod

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Hi Mate,


I have wrote into the shout-box:


"@ CNCRouterman: Sry but the pure "Eye-of-Sauron" Mod, where you can see others from above is never allowed by WoWs-WG. If you should play with it and get a Ban, then you know why. Also there is no reason why Users of the Mod-Pack should be banned if they trust Aslain to provide a clean and usefull Mod-Pack...(search and find it on a other Place like "Plazmakeks" or Cheats4.ru w/e...- you choice) (PS: 30% is max. Rate up, - 45-50 % is tolleratet atm like the Pro-Aim-Mod, but not 90%...with EoS)"


This mean in fact - especially for Ru/NA/Asia Servers that the "Pro-Mod" with max up of 45-50% is tolleratet (or didnt disturb WG atm), the EoS is since 3.1.5 never allowed.

Not sure if they ban Players for it, but I am sure you still can found it at the net.

It will be a bad choice if Aslain include this Mod again into his Mod and you got banned at NA-WoWs Server and come back and say he is guilty to include it, without an Info about it...

Aslain dont provide Cheats so far I know...


Happy dive & drowning ;)

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