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NEW TRACERS + Less visible damage on the ships!


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Working with wer game
The modification replaces the original tracery missiles at a more meaningful and varied.
Key Features: Launched Missiles of our department have a different color as the rest of the bullets.
Missiles from enemy and allied ships have altered the color scheme, so as not to confuse them on the fly with our missiles.
Tracers missiles consist now of the color front and rear flares, the colors are designed to help you to identify the type of projectile (AP / HE)
In addition, the slightly revised trail of smoke behind tracerami ...
The second part of the modification reduces the "saturation" in case of damage to ships, so that when battles were not "blackened" on black.
Who wants to fine tracery please see the new fire salvo "mmb" middle mouse button.


UPDATE 1V5 - Less visible damage on the ships!

UPDATE 1V6 - Improved the overall quality of all Tracers, slightly changed the color scheme for all graphics settings the game ...







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