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★ T110E5 Review: Fearless American Muscle ★

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 What's that IS-7? You think I'm fat?! Just because I'm American and chewing on a burger?! Come over here...I'll show you fat! This is all muscle. All American muscle, all American steel. Prepare yourself... because I'm about to go mad dog on your behind! Nothing your "Hand of Stalin" can do to save you now!


In this guide, I shall cover all of the various Pros and Cons of the T110E5, explain the gun choices and/or performance, equipment choices, give you a general overview of its gameplay style and compare it to other Tier 10 Heavy Tanks. Let's get started, shall we?


Table of Contents:

  • General overview (Pros and Cons)
  • Equipment, ammo and consumable layout
  • Gun choices and / or performance
  • Gameplay style
  • Comparison to other same-class tanks of its Tier
  • Overall Rating


General Overview:



  • Very good all around frontal armor
  • Very thick turret front, can hardly be penetrated; great for hull-down
  • 8 degrees of gun depression will allow you to get rid of that anthill right underneath your nose prior to beginning your meal of enemy vehicles
  • Good DPM of 2,502.86
  • "Weakpoints" on the front are actually fairly thick and well-angled, can be very tough to penetrate
  • Good gun handling on the move
  • Very quick aiming time of 1.92 seconds
  • Very good accuracy of .34
  • Very good turret traverse speed for a heavy tank, at 33.37
  • Rather mobile for a heavy tank, with an HP/ton ratio of 16.37
  • Rarely gets set on fire, despite the 20% chance of fire. Engine doesn't get hit very often at all, and fuel tanks are also small and hard to hit.



  • Mediocre terrain soft stats. Doesn't hurt the acceleration too much, but does make the traverse speed feel a bit sluggish.
  • Reasonable gun elevation of 15 degrees/second. Not quite the standard 18, but still alright.
  • Alright tank traverse of 30 degrees/second. Could be better though, considering the horsepower.
  • Limiting top speed of 37 km/h. You'll quickly reach the top speed, but then you feel as though your engine power is going to waste once you've hit it.
  • Interesting side armor layout. Its only 76mm thick, but the bottom 3/5ths are well angled inwards, increasing its effective thickness. You also have large tracks surrounding the side armor. Depending on where you get hit, you'll either easily bounce the shell, or easily be penetrated. Not necessarily consistent side armor.
  • HP of 2,200. Nothing special, but not necessarily bad either.



  • Very vulnerable ammo rack, which is found in both, the front and sides. If someone shoots you in the lower plate at an upward angle, your ammo rack will be damaged easily. Penetrating shots to the side will kill it very often as well.
  • Huge commander's hatch. It is rather thick and hard to penetrate, but for those who are able to go through it, it's a giant, easy weakpoint.
  • Very large lower plate. Has some strange angles to it, and some rather thick areas, but in general it's a very large and easy to hit weakpoint
  • Due to the nature of the turret cheek's shape, turning your turret to the side even slightly can make them a very easy penetration if they're hit. However, this only applies to a portion of the turret cheeks, so it really depends where on the cheeks you get hit.
  • Bottom half of the side armor is only 44mm. During standard side-scraping, the strange angling to it should keep you safe - be careful about over-exposing however... it can become a very easy weakpoint!
  • Upper plate relies on angling - guns with high penetration from tall tanks can punch through the back half of it fairly easily actually. Don't let people shoot down at that back-half; keep wiggling!
  • Driver will die very often to HE, and occasionally to penetrating shots through the hull.
  • Very limited reverse speed of 12 km/h; can be hard to back out of trouble if you over-expose, especially due to the size of your weakpoints
  • Bottom half of the side armor can be over-matched by any gun 140mm and above.




Personally, I mount Improved Ventilation, Gun Rammer and Vertical Stabilizer on the T110E5. Coated Optics are an option, but it's a matter of preference.




Improved Ventilation: Never a bad thing to mount. T110E5 doesn't really need it, but why not?


Gun Rammer: If you can mount a Gun Rammer on a tank, you should; regardless of the vehicle. T110E5 is no exception, and gets very nice DPM with a Rammer.


Vertical Stabilizer: Vertical Stabilizers are a very important piece of equipment on almost every tank in the game. Even though the T110E5's soft stats are rather reasonable, a Vertical Stabilizer will significantly help; and allow the T110E5 to very reliably snap-shot enemy vehicles.




Coated Optics: Coated Optics are rather viable on the T110E5, in place of Ventilation. It has a rather accurate gun with very good DPM. With Optics, you can spot a few targets for yourself; and out-spot tanks with poor camo without Optics.





My ammo layout on the T110E5 is 24 AP, 15 HEAT and 3 HE. 


The E5 really doesn't need nearly as much HEAT as I load; I only do so to easily butter E-100's, Maus's and IS-7's. However, if you don't have the Credits to spend, you could easily reduce the HEAT count rather significantly. you can also load a couple more HE rounds if you want, in place of HEAT rounds. Beyond that, not much to say about the E5's ammo layout. You can choose how to set it up; based off of your own preferences and necessities.





For Consumables on the T110E5, I use a Small First Aid Kit, Small Repair Kit, and Automatic Fire Extinguisher. However, I do not recommend using an Automatic Fire Extinguisher and actually replacing it with something else.


Small First Aid Kit: T110E5's crew does a very good job of surviving, except for the driver who appears to be allergic to the tank's lower plate and all HE shells.


Small Repair Kit: The E5's ammo rack is huge and very fragile. You definitely want a Small Repair Kit available for that (and Repair skills so you won't need the kit for your tracks).


Automatic Fire Extinguisher: E5 isn't actually flamable, so I don't recommend using this piece of equipment. I only use it because I don't have many Credits.




Large Repair Kit: There are going to be quite a few battles when your ammo rack gets taken out more than once, especially with the fairly limited hull traverse speed. The larger lower plate also containing the ammo rack can become a rather annoying issue if you're not careful as well. Just in case, taking a Large Repair Kit should really help you address the ammo rack issue.


Case of Cola: If SerB was feeling kind and gave your T110E5 a more durable ammo rack, then you could easily run a Case of Cola in place of an Automatic Fire Extinguisher.




The T110E5's gun is a rather consistent 120mm cannon.


Below, I've compared the T110E5's 120mm to the FV215b's 120mm. On the left is the T110E5, on the right is the FV215b. A blue value is superior, whilst a green value is relatively tied.



Rate of Fire:         6.26                          (7.19)   
Aiming time:        1.92                          (1.63)
Accuracy:             .34                            (.32)
DPM:                   2,502.86                   (2,876.85)
Penetration:         258/340/60             (259/326/120)
Damage:             400/400/515           (400/400/515)  

Shell Velocity:      1.067/1.067/1,067  (1,067/1,334/1,067)

Soft Stats:           .18/.18/.08             (.10/.10/.08)    
Ammo capacity:   42                             (35)


The verdict? Well, FV215b beats the T110E5 in practically every single way in terms of firepower. Your only advantage is a slightly larger ammo capacity... even your extra Premium shell pen is negated by the fact that it's HEAT, rather than APCR. If you're looking for a gun, get the FV215b.


120mm Gun M58:


Even though the T110E5's gun is inferior to the FV215b's in every single way, it's still a very good and consistent gun. It has good DPM, good accuracy and aiming time, and reasonable soft stats. It certainly isn't the FV215b, but it will still get the job done very effectively. It's a great weapon for supporting your allies, or even 1 vs. 1'ing enemies.



How to play it:


T110E5 is actually fairly straightforwards. You're a front line vehicle which is excellent for supporting for allies and supporting pushes. Unfortunately however, your mobility is rather restricted due to the top speed and traverse speed caps. Simply go to the front lines where an engagement will occur.


Try to hull-down whenever possible, as your turret armor is very effective. In addition, your large commander's hatch becomes harder to penetrate if the enemy is forced to shoot up at it (hull-down over ridges). Hull-down also has the other advantage of hiding that lower plate, which contains your far-too-fragile ammo rack.


Be careful when turning or peeking over ridges. If an enemy shoots up into your lower plate, or hits you in the side, your ammo rack will go out. Due to the limited traverse speed and only mediocre terrain resistance values, an E5 with its side against an autoloader is a dead E5. Two BatChat shells can send your turret flying, so you have to use the repair kit immediately after taking a shot to the side if it gets your ammo rack. The E5's armor is made of ammo racks. Very thick ammo racks, but it's made of ammo racks.


If you need to snipe, you can do so. I wouldn't recommend making it a primary role, as you have a lot of frontal armor which should be at the front lines helping allies, but out of necessity it's very possible. In terms of relocation, you're mobile enough to get where you need to go. You're not going to be flanking anyone, but you can cross the map fairly effectively. The enemy being a distance ahead isn't necessarily an excuse to snipe.


Comparison to same-Tier Heavy Tanks:


HP: Average. 2,200 HP isn't bad, but it's not great either. With your good frontal armor, the HP should still be able to last you a while though; so long as you don't get ammo racked.

Armor: Good. Your hull armor frontally is very thick and well-angled. Regular AP shells and lower Tier vehicles may greatly struggle to penetrate you, so long as your lower plate is hidden. However, the E5's weakpoints are very large. If the enemy has enough penetration power to go through them, the E5 becomes very easy to kill actually. Your side armor is mostly well-angled and / or covered by tracks, although in itself isn't very thick. If you over-angle, it's also very easy to penetrate (and contains the E5's ammo rack).

Mobility: Good. T110E5 is a rather mobile heavy tank without a doubt. It's certainly not a 113 or AMX 50B, but it's still decently mobile. It will accelerate quickly and has a reasonable top speed to go along with it, but is very limited in terms of traverse speed. The terrain resistance is also mediocre, which further limits your turning abilities. The top speed also sometimes may feel as though it's putting the engine power to waste.

DPM: Good. The T110E5's DPM is definitely on the higher end of heavy tanks. It's only surpassed by the 113, AMX 50B, FV215b and T57 Heavy.

Penetration: Very Good. The T110E5's penetration is very good, even for a Tier 10 heavy. A couple of tanks surpass it, but other than that, it's up top.

Alpha damage: Good. 440 alpha is very nice to have on a tank with the kind of DPM which the 113 can boast about. 440 alpha goes a long way with that reload.

Aiming SpeedVery Good. A 1.92 second aiming time is very good indeed. You'll quickly be able to aim in, and get shots off as necessary

Accuracy: Very Good. .34 accuracy makes you tied with the AMX 50B and T57 Heavy for second-best accuracy on any Tier 10 Heavy tank.

Shell Velocity: Good. 1,067 m/s shell velocity is a pretty good value. It still doesn't come close to those tanks with APCR as standard ammo or Premium ammo, but it's still a good value.

View Range: Very Good. 400m of View Range is standard for most heavy tanks. On my 113 review, I wrote that every Tier 10 heavy has 400m but it turns out that the FV215b has 410m and the Obj. 777 II has 390m.

Camo Value: Average. The T110E5's camo values are very poor, which is average for a Tier 10 heavy. Well, at least you're not a Type 5 Heavy.

Battle effectiveness: Very good. The T110E5 is a very capable tank in the right hands. It has very reliable frontal armor for the most part, has a consistent gun with good DPM, gun handling and accuracy. Your mobility is also fairly good. You're not the most armored (Maus), you don't have the best gun (FV215b) nor the most mobile (113), but your overall stats are still on the higher end of the Tier 10 heavy tanks. You should easily be able to wreck the enemy. The better the MM, the better your armor is. Your weakpoints are thick, but huge. When there are many Tier 10's in a battle, your armor isn't all that great. When there are more lower Tier vehicles than Tier 10's however, your armor can be very beastly. Being hull-down over a ridge also greatly helps your armor values. The T110E5 is a great team tank, and can definitely carry quite a few battles.


Overall Rating:


8/10 (Very Good)


The T110E5 is an exceptionally good vehicle. Despite its weakpoints being huge, they're also very thick and can bounce a lot of shells. Hull-down over a ridge is ridiculously OP now, as your commander's hatch will become practically impenetrable. Even hull-down on flat ground will do you wonders by hiding that lower plate. The side armor isn't very thick, but has huge tracks covering it, and has some very nice angling to the weaker portions (Do be warned that the bottom half of the side armor can be over-matched by Type 4 Heavies, E-100's and over 140mm and above guns).


The biggest downsides to the T110E5 is the cripplingly large and weak ammo rack, huge (albeit very armored) weak points, mediocre side armor and limited traverse speed. Regardless, the T110E5 has a lot of carry potential so long as it's used properly. Even in the wrong situation, it's rather forgiving so long as your side isn't exposed (in which case you're a very easy target).


I'm rather conflicted about whether to give the T110E5 a 7.5 or 8 rating. The tank is very capable in the right hands and has a lot of carry potential; could even arguably be considered OP. However, it still does have the occasional battle where your gunner becomes bored and decides to light your ammo rack up as a firework display; causing your tank to simply shrivel up and die.


All in all however, the T110E5 is a great Tier 10 heavy, and one you can't really go wrong with.


Thanks for reading! I hope this guide was helpful! I genuinely wish all of you the very best of luck and fun, both in real life and on the battlefield.


(The American beast proudly gazing off to the side)




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My ammo layout on the 113 is 24 AP, 15 HEAT and 3 HE. 



I think u should change that part to the T110E5 :)

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My ammo layout on the 113 is 24 AP, 15 HEAT and 3 HE. 

I think u should change that part to the T110E5 :)




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