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Multi Hit Log v2.3 - WN8 Only - repositioned


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Repositioned WN8-only info.




Since i'm running game on crappy resolution, both out-of-the-box (default) positions didn't work well for me since they were overlapping with other things.


Solution was ofc. to edit coordinates for WN8 xD

Maybe someone else would be interested to see the "fix" for crappy resolution and overlapping.

diff --git a/Only-WN8.json b/Only-WN8.json
index 0d72533..e0c9df1 100644
--- a/Only-WN8.json
+++ b/Only-WN8.json
@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@
 "TeamDamageMessageForYou":     "TEAMDAMAGE: {{DL_AttackerName}} in {{DL_AttackerTank}} for {{DL_AttackerDamage}}",

-    {"xAlign": "Normal", "x": 230, "offsetX": 0, "yAlign": "Normal", "y": 6, "offsetY": 0, "width": 0, "height": 0, "backgroundLevel": 0, "backgroundFile": "ZMHL.dds", "ConfigName": "WN8", "time": 0, "Key": "ALWAYS"}
+    {"xAlign": "Normal", "x": 130, "offsetX": 0, "yAlign": "Normal", "y": 40, "offsetY": 0, "width": 0, "height": 0, "backgroundLevel": 0, "backgroundFile": "ZMHL.dds", "ConfigName": "WN8", "time": 0, "Key": "ALWAYS"}

x from 230 to 130 and y from 6 to 40

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