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Grandpa’s Content Mods

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Witaj Aslain.


Kolejna propozycja ode mnie to mod, który podmienia tekstury obiektów na mapie:












This is a collection of Grandpa’s content mods. The mods include re-paints or skins for the static content on many of the WoT maps.

There is have added color to make stuff more visible, camo to give a military look, and decals to identify country.

Included content modifications:
  • North American Content Mod
  • American Rail Cars
  • Military Vehicles
  • Multi-National Vehicles
  • 3 Military Trucks
  • Mercedes Staff Cars
  • German motorcycles
  • American Tractors
  • Willy’s Jeep
  • custom town buildings for NA map
  • All the Old Mercedes and Old Light Vans replaced with military vehicles. Impacts all city maps and Siegfreid Line.
  • Numerous new military vehicles added to replace civilian cars. AA gun mounts added to American maps to replace farm equipment.

To install, copy the content folder from the archive into your World_of_Tanks/res_mods/version_number/ folder.


PS. Gryzie się z modami "Zaznacz niezniszczalne obiekty na mapie" i "Train Wagon mods"

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