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CTD every postbattle

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With 9.12.2 I am having a CTD every game post battle and yet to pinpoint which mod it is.

Anyone else having this?

Selected components:
-------------------[ Aslain's XVM config v9.12.2 ]-------------------------------------
Color Scheme
Blue vs. Red
Vehicle Contour Icons
Aslains icons [DLC]
3D icons with arab tiers
-----------------[ Over Target Markers (OTM) ]-------------------------------------
The shadow intensity behind OTM
strong shadow
The main text field
Vehicle contour icon
Vehicle tier & squad number (doesn't work with the Max Info!)
Squad number on the right and tier number on the left side
Stock turret marker
Low HP exclamation mark (below 25% hp)
small marker on the right side of hp bar
Floating markings of destroyed vehicles
Angel Wings for both enemies, and allies
Rating marker icon
--------------------[ Other XVM Settings ]-------------------------------------------
Enable Auto-login to the game
Skip intro movie
Show server ping at login screen and in hangar
Show server info in hangar
--------------[ Panels & Windows by Aslain (in-battle) ]---------------------
Show client language flags on Battleloading and Stats Tab
Show XVM stats icons on Battleloading and Stats Tab
Show roman tier number on vehicle icons
Battle loading window
Advanced battleloading
Clan Icons
position #1 (Battle Loading)
Statistics tab (under Tab key)
Advanced Statistics Tab
Players Panel
Start mode
medium #1 PP
Background transparency
0 (full)
Clan Icons on Players Panel
default position
Enemy spotted markers
Hide icons for not spotted vehicles
Display squad icons
Large panel
Advanced Panel
Medium panel (default)
With HP Bars - thin bars colored by player rating
----------------------[ XVM Minimap ]-----------------------------------------------
Show 50m auto-detection circle
thin turquoise circle
Show vehicle direction line
long & thin green line
Show camera direction line
turquoise line with dots every 100m
Show gun traverse lines
Show 445m maximum detection range circle (yellow)
Show 564m maximum drawing distance circle (red)
Show dynamic view range circle (blue)
Show view range circle while in motion (navy blue)
Show view range circle while standing (white)
Show icons for destroyed tanks
Show HP circles on the minimap
Show player names
Player names colored by rating
Show vehicle names
Tank names colored by rating
The alternative minimap mode (when ALT pressed)
Show players name colored by rating on the minimap
----------------------[ Hitlog Settings ]----------------------------------------------
version #1 (detailed header + normal numbers)
Hitlog position
number of lines
Show HP log (under ALT key)
-----------------------[ The XVM player statistics ]-------------------------------
Rating scale
10 colors by WotLabs.net (original)
----------------- [ The 6th Sense settings ]--------------------------------------
Display 6th sense icon for 9 seconds
Custom icons
Sound alert
Metal Gear with extra sound at 10 sec
---------------------[ The hangar XVM settings ]-----------------------------------
The price button in the tech tree & research page
The mastery mark in the tech tree
Enable gold locker
Enable Free XP locker
Change default currency from gold to credits
Display hangar clock
Multilined Tank Carousel by XVM
5 rows
Scale of carousel cells
0.8 (smaller)
Show advanced info on carousel
Mastery Mark + Marks of Excellence
------------------------------[ The Mod Pack ]---------------------------------------
Camera scripts [settings]
Zoom settings
30x (10 steps, 0.9-30) [by P_MOD]
Zoom-out (extends default zoom out range)
500m away max
Scroll sensitivity on arcade view
High (20)
Default zoom settings (unchecking = remember last sniper zoom)
Disable gun shake effect after shot
Scope Shadow Remover
Show extra zoom indicator on crosshair
Accurate Damage Indicator
version #1
ATAC! (enemy in proximity 100m warning)
Spotted vehicle direction on aim circle
BalCalcMod (balistic calculation helper)
activated by 'Q' key
Chat mods
Chat Scrolling (enables chat scroll with mousewheel)
Colored Damage Stickers
v1 by Vlad_cs_sr
Tank Lamps
Crew Skill Informer (activation: BACKSPACE)
----------------------[ Crosshair mods ]------------------------------------------
J1mB0's Crosshair v1.51
Aim Circle
2 circles
SPG crosshair
Sword of Damocles
Battle Assistant for SPG
triggered by 'G' key
Info Panel (info about targeted vehicle)
between crosshair and ammo icons
Armour Penetration Indicator by lelicopter and lportii
Gun Constraints (gun traverse angle markers)
markers shape
] [
Damage Logs
Damage Log GambitER #1 (config by Aslain)
Hide player names
Damage done & blocked position
top-right position
Damage Panels
Damage Panel with angles
Multi Hit Log v2.3 - Hitlog, InBattle WN8, Damage Log
Display upper logs on the right side of screen
WN8 only
GOLD ammo visibility mod
Silver (apcr) - Gold (heat)
Graphical performance mods
Mav's Ultra Fog Remover
WoT Tweaks (use at own risk, may crash the game)
Disable Tree motion effects
Disable Clouds
Radial Menu v2.5.7 ENG (reload spam with 'C' key)
Vanilla WoT commands + reload on 'C' key
Safe Shot
Block shooting at wrecks for 2s
Team HP Pool
Team HP Bar by Locastan
Minimap Tankview Extended
Show on enemy vehicles
Show on allied SPG's
Show on allied TD's
-----------------------[ Garage mods ]----------------------------------------
Automatic equipment mounting/dismounting
Equip Auto Return (you need to setup each tank first!)
Garage icons
Tank icons
Colored Tech-Tree and Vehicle list icons by Aslain [DLC]
Gold Premium Tanks by Aslain [DLC]
Session Statistics
YasenKrasen (V1)
---------------------[ Various mods ]-----------------------------------------
Sound mods (might lower your fps)
Crew voice sounds
Noskills National VoicePacks (With In-game Voice Mod Changer)
The minimap enhancements
HD minimap (note: will disable XVM minimap)
Enable minimap zoom with L.CTRL

Additional tasks:
Installation type
Clean install (clean up res_mods folder - RECOMMENDED!)

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