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Both Chrome & Edge labels MOD software as Malware

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I haven't run any MODS in awhile because of problems going back to the original 0.5.0 patch.

was getting error messages after MOD instalation.

so I thought I would give the MODS another try--wanted  teammate ship symbols in both upper corners during battles.

well I downloaded the software & when I clicked the EXE. button Chrome put up a BLOCKED symbol.

my McAfee didn't even have time to respond--Chrome itself declared the software as Malware

& when I tried to download it with Edge ( since Chrome didn't like it) Edge wouldn't even start the download

before saying it was Malware.

I doubt there is any actual Malware involved but your software has become undownloadable to me

& trying to find another browser that will download it is not worth my time


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