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cant install 0.9.13

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hi fellow tankers i need help. i will try to describe my problem but i warn you i am not english native speeker. Here we go :


My previous mods i downloaded from aslain worked perfectly - i download it, intall it to my game directory C:Hry/ world of tanks, check clean install, then manually click at xwm site, game and mods run = it worked perfectly.


Now i have problems with  i select to instal it to C:Hry/ world of tanks choose mods then check Clean install, remove the contents, reset game settinngs (Tried this combination, beacause only "clean intall" dont work). then i enter xvm site activate stats and start the game. Game runs, but not mods. Then i open folder C:Hry/ world of tanks , look in res mods folder ,in this folder is only folder "0.9.13" and in this folder is only readme file.

I cant find any xvm folder in res mod folder. I dont know what to do. i surelly instal aslain pack in directory you see higher, but cant see any marks of aslains mods . Maybe this look stupid but pls help me guys :( .

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i dont have _Aslain_logs.zip in my wot folder icant even find it with windows program searcher ( left - down corner round button ). I try to reinstall the patch over and over again a there no trace for any folder of xvm in my wot folder or res mods folder or anywhhere else. I unistall the game 5 times and do the same (install mod in wot folder, xvm site to activate stats etc..). Nothing happend. I feel hopeless... :unsure:

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