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many mods won't work after clean install

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I used Aslains xvm mod without any problem till now.

I did a clean install of WOT. Then after installing Aslains XVM 3.9.x (i try all versions) i have a problem that many things are not set.

Example, i mark items like "Player Name" or "Rating marker icon" during the install (see screenshot) and it is not turned on after installation.

I checked file markersAliveNormal.xc and all of these values are set to visible: false (other screenshot).


it is just example, but most of the values are not working for me :(


logs attachedpython.log_Aslain_logs.zippost-1607-0-48764300-1411733972_thumb.pnpost-1607-0-67528600-1411733981_thumb.pn

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