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Quick Question about a problem with the Mod

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After installing last game patch ( my mod configuration dissapered from the Game, so i donwloaded the latest Aislain Mod from http://aslain.com/index.php?/topic/2020-0530-aslains-wows-modpack-installer-wpicture-preview-v53007-2402201, tryed to install it but nothing happened, no changes in the game.


So, what am i doing wrong? Do i have to perform a clean installation of the Game? Every time that WG release a patch do i have to make a clean installation of the game in order to properly install the Mod? Sorry i`m new with this Mod thing and this is my first mod configuration after a WG patch release. 


Thank you.

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Aslain creates the specific folder by name that WoWS will be looking for. His mod tool is written to produce a specific folder name for that WoWS (a specific) release. So no matter how many times you try to reinstall, the mod tool will create the same folder name. Since WoWS is looking for a folder called in res_mods for any modding, it's not finding the (now) older folder of 0.5.3.


It's not as simple as renaming the folder to, although with some experimentation you can do that and WoWS will find it and some mods will work The problem with this is that if you've selected a mod that the WoWS update breaks, the whole game tends to break.


I hope that helps you understand why you are seeing what you mentioned.


An additional comment... ALWAYS have Aslain's modder do a clean install. This will prevent any possible headaches by removing everything from res_mods and providing a fresh folder with data.

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