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5,000 FREE Gold! Special Giveaway Event - "Snipe the Scorpion"

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Edit: Raffle has been completed; winners were Riptide098 & US_3rd_Army from the NA server



Hello everyone!


Want to win 5,000 Free Gold? Of course you do!


In celebration of my recent accomplishment (3 marks, ratio higher than 100% of players) in the T49 (T67), I am hosting a special giveaway in which two (2) lucky winners will be selected to each win 5,000 Gold.



If you can find me in-battle and destroy my tank when I am driving any of the following...

Cruiser IV, T67, M7, Type 64, SU-122-44, IS-2, T32, T110E5, and any American Light Tank

...You will be entered into the Gold giveaway raffle.



Rules, Regulations, and other Important Info:


  • No Team Killing allowed.
  • You must destroy my vehicle when I am in any of the above tanks. It does not count if I am driving a different tank (unless I announce the event during the battle)
  • Winners will be gifted on December 25th (Christmas)
  • The two winners will be selected at random. I will record the process of selecting the winners on video and upload it to YouTube, just so you will have proof that it was random
  • Depending on my finances at the moment, the Gold may be gifted anywhere from one week early to no more than one week late.
  • If you have won, you will be notified via. an in-game PM and a Forum PM
  • I will play mostly on NA West, although I will hop onto NA East every now and then too, in order to keep it fair.





On occasion, I will host a Training Room with the same objective. If you destroy me there, you will be entered into this raffle.



Current Players in the Raffle:


To be updated once a day...


  • texasheat
  • wardogjordan
  • kingoftheblackclubs
  • Jarashan
  • Rizonn
  • cwmaeder
  • jordan122002
  • cool18
  • aRandomSloth
  • lpmaster
  • monkeyfume
  • daniel2682
  • donkeyhotay
  • Leadinjection
  • murb
  • WarshipRagnarok
  • chrisbrown1269
  • Duckky
  • Tazmanian_Devil
  •  Rahm3
  • hayran101
  • lunaclop
  • berryblast18
  • LazyGamer
  • dogman123098
  • LCpl_SKULL
  • Aviation_Guy777
  • CaptainSport
  • Lt_Slam_Wilson
  • SteelRonin
  • Death2100
  • Viper900
  • Killerformen
  • bobrocks
  • Theguythatsgonnahitu
  • MoToad
  • DeathDaemon
  • lineriderkittycat
  • azheat
  • Shocktroop0313
  • Striker1098
  • BoxOfRocks
  • Kael_Of_Ea
  • Watupmyhomes001
  • mkbrutaka
  • Skavulska
  • tigerman9854
  • Brine
  • Nonshalanto
  • MGL_FiST1
  • His_Life
  • Macshiomoin
  • Buzzwabbit
  • dagwood8971
  • Aztrekker
  • senseidonnell
  • Pumahog
  • Window_Licking_Good
  • jeffster_RG
  • Silent_Avenger
  • StChamond
  • ApeChit
  • Slenderdude1
  • TempestBehemoth
  • dBxSpartan
  • 15Xl9ll5 
  • Kefrenv
  • GalacticPwner
  • Necdum_Spiritum
  • LOD_Deathstroke
  • DFM324
  • Virusmafia
  • labiche
  • _Rikio_
  • QuantrillsRaiders
  • baddog1210
  • mnkeeking
  • Lt_Taz
  • bonozall
  • TiberiusBrutus
  • Steelmen_1
  • javelance
  • PsyChicken
  • TanoSkyWalker
  • Buck444
  • P_O_W_E_R_C_A_P
  • DustyMcDustballs
  • yemba
  • khiger
  • tricky_pzzr
  • PheenX
  • leonardeodotete 
  • Slap_Shot_
  • kociolek
  • KZT_10
  • Akambe
  • danny_man
  • AGalland
  • InfinityGamer
  • LorTheGlass
  • Marxtronic1
  • earo
  • endertank5
  • timpower
  • redryder
  • Blazingphoenix2899
  • BrigadierBilksem
  • Winter00
  • BigT25
  • isakingdom
  • Intenseheat_
  • Machtkampf
  • russian_tank_crew_member
  • parkwarden
  • cooblimey
  • indecline
  • mgsmith
  • angryaisn
  • _WolfShadow_
  • VeGi
  • studyhell
  • ReconCav
  • t34ruso
  • Dr_Nex
  • Damn_Wozzle
  • McBosch
  • pielot
  • figini


In battle, you will see me post the following message: 

Snipe the Scorpion! Destroy my tank to be entered into a raffle for a chance to win 5,000 Gold! Two lucky winners will be selected to be gifted at Christmas. No TK allowed.

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How much ping do you get in Asia? I'd think it's only about 130ms-ish.


I know I end up with 130 on NA East. I haven't downloaded the EU or Asian server game versions yet. I could try to, but that would take up a lot of harddrive space. In addition, most people over there don't speak English if I am correct.


However, if I can run a proper Ping test and get a result below 150ms, I could try to transfer to another server.

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