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Game Crash during battle loading screen v5.4.1

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As far as I can tell, the game operates fine when I uninstall everything... I am going to go through this mod by mod that I use to find out what is the problem, but if there is any insight as to what is causing this, I'd be much appreciated.
Video currently uploading to YouTube but the link will be;


I also attached a photo.


UPDATE: I believe the problem lies with the "Camera Mods" but there might be other mods that cause this error too...

Zeiss Expert II x20, FOV x25, and Extreme x25 tried and crashed...




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Had the exact same problem, i remove zeiss and am curently reloading back into game, will report back to see if i am able to enter battle.


ok, was able to reenter the game, firs tthing i notices was my camera was no longer stuck from teh center of my ship, (is that normal for teh ziess mods? or is it a bug when in port?) and second thing...so far i was able to enter battle just fine

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