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[0.9.16 +] Monty Python "Run Away!" Sixth Sense Indicator (Icon + Sound)

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After noticing Aslain had added a Monty Python Crew voice mod, I was inspired to make my own Sixth sense indicator. King Arthur shouting "RUN AWAY!" with an icon of him and his men reacting after having a cow fired at them from a catapult I thought was very fitting, given the state of arty. And now, since the 9.16 update, it's now ridiculously easy to install!


The Files:

-Monty Python Sixth Sense Icon (shown above)

-Monty Python "RUNAWAY!" 10 second .mp3 file


Downloading the files and Instructions

-First, have xvm. Get it through a modpack, or from here (xvm site).

-Download the .png and .mp3 files, attatched below.

-Get the image (.png), rename it "SixthSense" and shove it in *WoTDirectory*\res_mods\mods\shared_resources\xvm\res

-Get the sound (.mp3), rename it "sixthSense" and shove that in *WoTDirectory*\res\audioww

-Go into WoT, go into settings and the Sound tab. At the bottom there should be a drop down box for sixth sense sounds.

-Select "User created" (or whatever it's called) and click the sound icon to test it.




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Oh dear. I thought I'd fixed that problem (I had that same problem testing it out until I got it to work on my side...) I'll tell you how I got mine to work, and then hopefully it should work on your end as well. To be honest, I'm not an overly techy-person so I was hoping what files I've included would cover it, and I'm sorry that it doesn't work correctly.


-Using Aslain's modpack, select one of the spotting indicators, anything so long as you pick a sound (picking an icon doesn't matter seeing as this part already works).

-From there, go back to the file directory where sixthsense.bnk is located (there should be one there now seeing as you've installed another sixth sense sound indicator)

-Continue from step 3


I hope that helps.

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No need to apologize, after all you're giving us something for free! I'm not overly techy either, so I had the admiral ackbar sixth sense when I installed yours and got the bleep sound, then I reinstalled Aslains without a sixth sense selected and same thing, just an odd bleep comes up lol.

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Hey guys, so i made up my own sixthsense icon and its working fine, acquired an mp3 file for the sound, put it in the *WoTDirectory*\res\audioww folder, changed settings to user sound and yet its still the metal gear solid sound from aslains mod pack, also there was no sixthsense in the afore mentioned directory until i put my mp3 file in there. any clues as to what im doing wrong? Thanks in advance.

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