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XVM Must be doing it

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Alright guys, So yesterday and today I have been in battle and sure enough I get dumped out, "Dam this sucks". So I moved stuff around ie"took out everything I didn't need" And the same problem. So I installed XVM all on it's own, Same problem, So this is what I'm thinking, it has to be XVM, Wait 2 more days and wargaming will have a micro patch I'm sure. The only way I played without any issues was vanilla, OMG I hate it. But I digress. Aslain I have always used your mods and will never use anyone else's. I think we should give it a day or two then see. Also before I forget, I don't like using any other Player Panel but the WoT one, but I did notice that I don't see the * anymore indicating that the enemy was spotted, What happend or am I just a complete idiot and I'm missing something? 

Thanks in advance guys.


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