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Ideas for a better and less invasive HUD

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first thank for your great work.

I would like to request, if possible, following stuff:

- Hiding and/or moving in other places warns like "Armament: locked on bearing/sector". They are annoying as hell, especially when you constant use those functions.

- Moving the chat in the top left corner. Right now it cover part of the aim, a lot invasive.

- Changing contrast of chat. I need to focus a lot to see what peoples write during the play

- Changing contrast of torpedo aim zone. I barely see it in some maps, i think because of reflection.

- Ability to resize all stuff on the HUD, like you can do with the mini-map i would be able to do with all the rest on it.

- Remove "Capturing... etc" and just leaving a loading bar in a batter and non-invasive place. Maybe under ammo icons.

- Moving ribbons when you hit enemies from the center of screen to another place, maybe top right under the current ribbons you already owned during the match. Like the chat they cover part of the aim.


Plus i have a question about the mod pack: is it possible to uninstall only certain mods i have installed through it without deleting/uninstalling everything? For example if i have to test them if they work.

Thank you, bests.

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