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Multi_hit_log is bugged :(

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Multi-hit-log is bugged.And is bugged from several patches ...

Initially, all seems fine, but after ~1 hour + of gamming, FPS is dropping drasticaly. On one computer, from 76FPS (scrren is sync G and limited to 76 fps) is dropping gradually at 45 FPS. On other computer, from 96 FPS is dropping to 38-42 FPS . Problem is not FPS drop, but game become laggy and experience freezing and "tank teleportation" often. No matter what details or screen resolution is selected, FPS doesn't increase after decay.

Initially I suspected an computer over-temperature issue.I monitored ecu and gpu temperatures and all was normal.No overheating.

After a game client restart (just game client, not computer restart), everything is back to normal for next hour.


It seems that what is inside folder "vxBattleFlash" from res_mod/ is causing that behavior.After I remove that foder's content, modpack is working flawless, but no multi_hit_log indication (wn8+lastdmg+eff+diff) ...

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