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9.18 Crashes

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I had the same problem that game would crash when using the T key when playing arty.   The game would restart,  but none of the WOT hotkeys would work with the modpack after restart.  (T-target), 8 - for reload for example)   it has crashed my game 3 times pressing the "T" to target button.


I did not have any of these issue playing in safe mode, so it is something in the modpack.  I was able to get the hotkeys to work by rebooting my CPU.


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6 hours ago, ObrumPL said:

Having a similar problem here. My client just crashes and then restarts on its own.



I think I've foud what was causing my client crashing. Possibly it was contour icons with roman tier numbers so I've switched to Jakhammer by Tomsa (my usual selection) and no problems since.

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