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installer installing unchecked mods.

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Hi, my installer is installing mods i did not select. I chose these below but it installs custom minimap stuff, team hps, a dmg counter, otm markers, random xvm stuff and a  custom carousel other then what i selected.


World of Tanks folder?  ->> Yes
Clean res_mods folder?  ->> Yes, FULL
Current date: 19-04-2017 and time: 19:20:21
Build date: 19-04-2017
Mod-Pack Installer by Aslain
Installed on: NA Client

Destination location:

Setup type:
      Custom installation

Selected components:
      ----------------------------[ The XVM section ]-------------------------------------------
         ---------------------[ The hangar XVM settings ]-----------------------------------
            -----------------[ Multilined Tank Carousel by XVM ]-------------------------
               normal carousel
                  Use game settings
                  Show advanced info on carousel
                     Battle-Tiers, Mastery Mark, Marks of Excellence (in percent), Win Rate, Played battles, Average damage + WN8 expected tank damage
         --------------------[ Other XVM Settings ]-------------------------------------------
            Equip Auto Return (you need to setup each tank first!)
      -----------------------[ The Mod Pack (non-XVM mods) ]----------------------------
         --------------------------[ PMOD ]------------------------------------
            Zoom-in for sniper mode
               Zoom-in: 2-4-8-16
            Default zoom settings (unchecked = remember last sniper zoom)
            Disable red flash when enemy hit your tank
         ----------------------[ Crosshair mods ]------------------------------------------
               crosshair: Oreshkin Blue

Additional tasks:
      Installation options
         Delete all previous mods from the game (strongly advised)
         Delete Python logs (advised)



added 7 minutes later

i am going to run v9.18.0 #02b  and see what happens.

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