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B0TS (Brotherhood 0f Tank Soldiers) Recruitment

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Our Website - http://www.b0tsclan.com/

Hey guys we've been rebooting up an old clan. B0TS (The '0' is the number 0 not the letter O) is looking for players new and experienced.



We have three B0TS clans. There is no separation of the three clans.

We all use the same TeamSpeak and the clan tags just help to EO's and

the commanders identify who's at what playing level and who has the tanks

they need if they are running clan wars or strongholds.




So this is our main clan for the more experienced players.

  • 800+ recent wn8
  • 2 preferred Tier X
  • 3 preferred Tier VIII
  • 3 preferred Tier VI
  • Whenever in-game must be on TeamSpeak



This clan is for players who cant make the requirements of B0TS

  • Under 800 wn8
  • No preferred tanks required
  • Whenever in-game must be on TeamSpeak



This clan is for the guys who are not active enough for the other clans. 

The fellas here come on and platoon and jump on TeamSpeak and whatnot

  • No requirements
  • Whenever in-game try to be on TeamSpeak


Our clan is solely community based. We know that life comes first. We aren't going to make

the game your first priority. We're a layed back bunch of guys trying to blow shit up hehe. 

We do prefer mature players because there is some (a lot :D ) of course language

If you have any questions about us and our community just shoot me a message 




bots icon.jpg

bots icon.jpg

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Are you still recruiting?  I am a "mature" individual, been playing about 5 months, rating 1700+, has been as high as 1850, constantly improving, looking to take my game to the next level, but have never had any tutelage on some of the basic dos and donts, figuring it all out alone.  I have money invested in game as well as grinding tanks, i have up to tier 7 premium, I figure anything higher would be a waste of money until i get better.  im jrotten64, please let me know if youre looking still, i am in some shit clan, and want some real action

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