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Auto-lock Engage & Dis-engage problem.

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High-light an enemy tank for first time, left click I get the message of "target dis-disengaged" then everytime I try again it will NOT auto lock and dis-engages every time.  I spend more time in the crucial parts of the battle trying to get the auto lock to work and more times than not it end up dying because i am fighting with the auto-lock to lock onto the target in stead of being able to lock-onto the target and concentrate on tactical maneuvers.  I do not have any of the (Help AIMING MODS) installed. This Does NOT happen every time.. it seems to only happen when I need the AUTO lock the most. 


The replay I added the Auto lock worked on only the first tank (The PZ III E ) 


The T-40 I did not disengage the auto lock it released on it's own.


The Toldi III and T 40 Both I was trying to auto lock and as you can see it does not allow me to auto lock! 


  . 20170613_2039_ussr-R31_Valentine_LL_22_slough.wotreplay

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I've had this happen as well.  It always happens when the situation is very hectic and I am switching targets quickly.  However, I believe that I am really at fault here.  I think that the audio report (e.g, target acquired) is just too slow to keep pace with what is actually occurring.  So I click the button to lock, hear nothing, and assume that my reticle was not in place, so I click again and hear the unlock message......


I'd like to see WG add an option to select tones to indicate the status of auto-lock instead of the lengthy messages, and the system could be more responsive.



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