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[0.6.7.x] Texture-Based Ambient Occlusion (v1.7)

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>Disable driver enforced ambient occlusion or any other form of ambient occlusion (unless you don't care about waste of fps)
>Should be installed as final just in case multiple mods are there.

>Extract the contents to "World of Warships/res_mods/x.x.x.x(res version)
>Replace any existing files (Just in case they do)

>Improves the in-game ambient occlusion to be more visible/darker.



>The mod consists of textures only which are loaded in the game prior to logging in, so installing this mod will not affect a single shred of fps.

>I just want everyone to enjoy my genuine creation, so modders out there, you can use my files as a basis for your own mods, or if you want to make adjustments to my mod. (I recommend Paint.net with all addons and plugins installed).



>Since it is all textures, it is not guaranteed to be as great as an actual ambient occlusion compared to an actual one, ie. AMD's Volumetric Ambient Occlusion and NVIDIA's Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion.

>Just because its all textures doesnt mean it will appear everywhere you look, just like how actual ambient occlusion works, direct exposure to lighting removes occlusions.

-Alpha Release
>Every model/ships as of

>Every model/ships as of
>Revamped and Fixed all textures
>Added german destroyer line

>Every model/ships as of
>Changed AO texturing method to Emboss (Similar to NVIDIA's Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion, but it is just a replica it is not a guaranteed real thing, but you will notice on this screenshot http://pasteboard.co/nYp3A7OkB.png almost all edges are darkened the same way the real thing does. [Please note that the method I used on previous versions are all SSAO Based for those who wants to know])

>Changed AO texturing method back to SSAO (This is actually better because the previous version removed the game's ability to emulate soft shadows)
>Improved darkening on textures

>Revamped the entire game's ao files (found out there were files besides the ship ones, so I decided to extract all game files and find all the ao ones)
>Files consists of some port textures, some trees, etc, but most of them are terrain files. (566 Total AO Files that I found in the game's entirely extracted files, including the pre-existing ones)

>Skipped due to various resorting and organizing files

>RECOMMEND TO REINSTALL ALL YOUR MODS (Last version that I uploaded had those unecessary AO files)
>Removed uneccesary AO files (Didn't have any eyecandy effect or just useless)
>Added a couple of new files as of update (It was a bunch of destroyers I think, and some russian ships)
>544 Total AO Files on this mod (Have to put this every now and then for future references just in case I get confused)

>Applied Gradient Mapping technique to all textures to normalize darkening.
>Added couple of new maps/probably ships too as well
>All textures as of
>590 Total AO Files on this mod

>Applied Gaussian Blur to increase darkening radius
>Added the "currently testing" french cruisers.
>Added USS Alabama (different from v1.1)
>600 Total AO Files on this mod (recommend to replace all files)

>Added the italian Duca d' Aosta
>Retained the french cruisers since there were no differences made since its test phase
>Rearranged all files as per game files (some files got removed, and some got totally sorted out, ie. USN ships have been rearranged by devs)
>Added couple of maps that I missed such as the golden harbor
>598 Total AO Files on this mod

>Added a couple of ships and maps
>Intensified Darkening
>643 Total AO Files on this mod (recommend to replace all files)

-v1.7 (I like crooks' skin pack so excuse me)
>Previous version textures darkening level was kinda too high for eyecandy, now fixed.
>Added a couple of ships (ships in development such as HMS Nelson and a Russian BB, there was more but I forgot the names)
>Added a couple of maps
>663 Total AO Files on this mod




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