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T0TS is recruiting and looking for players

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T0TS  (spelled T-ZERO-T-S) is a brand new social clan with an emphasis on being laid back and non-competitive.  The clan's focus will be on socializing, platooning, and attempting to better our own game play.  This clan will accept any and all who wish to join, as long as they are willing to abide by all War Gaming/World of Tanks rules and regulations. 
What we offer you: A clan that places no emphasis on competition, platooning, getting to know our fellow players, and trying to help one another get better at this game and reach our respective grinding goals.  Let me be perfectly clear:  Your stats do not impress or worry me and are not my concern and never will be.  Shortly, I will have a communications server for our members and guests, once I determine which one to go with.  At some point in time, I will also be reviving my old Enjin Website where we can post our victories, losses, and chat away from the game. 
What we expect from you: Our members will follow all War Gaming/World of Tanks rules and regulations.  All members will have or be able to obtain a headset shortly after joining.  Have good attitude, be as respectful to all other players as possible and to the extent they will allow.  Be able to play at least one or more days/nights each week.  Contact me or one of my officers if you plan on being absent for an extended period of time.  Recognize that life happens and it comes first, this is only a game that we play for entertainment and enjoyment.
If this laid back, new clan seems like something you would like to become part of, PM me. 
HOTA & Getting_too_old
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