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Black screen while alt-tabbing

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I came back after few months absence in WoT and have installed new modpack (upgrade from 9.17 pack to current one, after cleaning the previous one) and I have one problem - I'm mostly unable to alt tab to desktop, if I try, it results in black screen. I can't do that from garage or battle, once or twice i could alt+tab from battle loading screen, nor i can ctrl+alt+del. If I turn off WoT (i.e. hit "exit game" or alt+f4) I also get black screen and have to reset PC manually


I didnt install any new mods other than those I had previously (which worked) so I'm unable to guess with which mod there's a problem.

I'm not making any screenshots of the problem since I believe any of you can imagine black screen.


The problem doesn't occur with safe mode (without mods), I don't have special graphical settings on system and I did game files integrity check




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