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Errors installing v9.19.1_09: 'sed' & 'patch' file exist

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I cannot install WoT modpack v9.19.1_09. After selecting options and beginning the installation, the installer attempts to extract the binaries 'sed.exe' and 'patch.exe' in the Aslain's XVM configuration folder. It keeps throwing the errors found in the attached screenshots. It's complaining that it cannot rename a file in the destination directory and that the file already exists.


I have tried the following without success:

  1. Clicking "Ignore". The installation finishes, but not all of the modpack is correctly installed (no carousel configs, tank icons are reversed for enemy team, no hitlog or damagelog, etc).
  2. Deleting the existing file, then clicking "Retry". The installer extracts the file but immediately re-throws the same error.
  3. Clicking "Abort". The installer rolls back its changes and exits.

I'm attaching logs, and am going to install the previous version of the modpack to see if it will still work. I had to attach logs manually because the Archiver app failed because it couldn't reinstall 7za.exe


UPDATE: I restarted my computer and was able to install v9.19.1_09 successfully. That's not a pleasant workaround, though>









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15 minutes ago, guido22 said:

Turn off Malwarebytes to delete the files


Thanks for reminding me that I have Malwarebytes running. I just added 'res_mods/configs' as an exclusion and will see if that resolves the issue over the next few modpack installs.

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