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Clan [CONQC] Recruitment (EU Server)

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- A minimum of 3000 games played.

- At least 1500 recent Wn8 or 950+ overall Wn8.

- Any tier 6 or 8 tank that is considered good for skirmishes or you enjoy playing.

- Discord (for external communication outside of WoT as well as voice channels that don't require push-to-talk).

- Be able to speak English to some extent.

- Whilst not strictly a requirement, having a microphone or a headset would be greatly preferred.



- Attempting to organise skirmishes almost daily, extra players who meet the above criteria or who want to legionnaire but not join the clan are welcome. PM Khronicheskiy (myself) or EpicnessNinjaa in-game for more details.

- Participation of Clan Wars is almost guaranteed.

- Currently 13 players, all of which are active almost daily. Increasing this number would be great for Strongholds and the clan in general.

- There are many open positions for Field Commanders, Recruiters, etc. If you are interested PM SirConqueror on the clan's Discord (link below).


Platforms and Community:

- There is also a website associated with our clan! Check out http://wortharmy.com/ to see our other clans and servers for WoWS, Minecraft, and AW as well as WoT!

- The players within the clan are always willing to platoon and help you fight against the hordes of tomatoes that roam the battlefields.

- Using Discord means that you can share memes, random images and ask others outside to clan to platoon with you as well.



--View the clan profile at https://eu.wargaming.net/clans/wot/500152179/--

--To enquire about joining the clan either PM SirConqueror in-game, or join the Discord server https://discord.gg/euBJHcX and ask there--

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