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Question about installpath

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My os ssd died a few days ago, so i had to reinstall windows.


I reinstalled wot (g:\world of tanks) to on my games hdd and of course i installed Aslain's Pack. Now my problem is that aslains mod pack installer is always defaulting into c:\games\world_of_tanks (the default wargaming install path i think). Of course i can change the install path. But before i reinstalled my os aslains installer always found the right path and it always had the install settings fron the last installation. Now i have to change the path everytime and real problem is : i have to reselect all custom mods i want to be installed.


So were does aslains mod pack installer gets the wrong installpath c:\games\world_of_tanks from ? I searchd the registry, i checked  _Aslains_Installer_Options.inf but i can't find anything. If someone could give me a hint how to fix that it would easy my wot life a lot.


Thank you & Best wishes



P.s.: Thanks for the great mod pack !

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