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UKT Recruitment

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Greeting commanders!, 

UKT are recruiting and we are looking for active personnel who are willing to platoon and play clan wars. We are an English speaking clan but we have members all over the world. We do require that people are on team speak and have a working microphone, you also must be able to take a joke but also be able to give it out.

As a clan we do a lot of Clan wars/ strongholds and would like to improve our player base with players who have tier 8's and tier 10's, If you have FC experience we would like to hear from you.

Our requirements:

Tier 8:

Heavy : IS3, AMX 50 100, Emil 1, Defender, Patriot, Liberte

Lights : WZ-132, M41 90 GF, LTTB, M41 bulldog

SPG: Any

Tier 10:

Heavy: Maus, E100, Type 5, E5, 113, 5A, IS7

Meduims, TVP T50/51, T62a/140/430, Bat-chat 25t, 

Lights: Meh Bat-chat is better

SPG: Any

TD: E4, E3, JP100, Grille, Strv, Foch


WN8: 900 (Recent is important)

Battles: 5K

We are a relaxed clan who still do clan wars but without the bull of competitive clans, If that sounds like your cup of tea then send us an application or message one of our recruitment officers : Elitehades, AZ64, AggmanUK, Damage_inc.

Good luck on the battlefield Commanders!,

We hope to hear from you.

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