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Auto Scroll on ship list

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I was wondering if anyone knew of a mod (or if I'm misreading one in Aslans pack) that prevents the port ship-list from auto-scrolling to the end (T10, in my case). 


My resolution is such that I can only stack ships 4 high with the better ship icons mod in place. Every time I exit a battle, the ship list is always scrolled as far to the right/end as it can be. If a new version has come out and there is no modpack, that means i have a pile of ships visible that I don't really want to see. And, they're all there on the end when not hidden by Better ship icons mod. 


I'm probably not explaining this well, so I'm going to attach a screenshot. What you see in the screenshot is what I always see when exiting. Now, figure I do most of my battles in Tier 5 - 7, so I always have to scroll left again. Always. It drives me nuts. 




Edit: Screenshot now added. Basically, if it has to auto-scroll, is there any way to put it on the other side, showing the low tier ships?


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