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strangest thing

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Couldn't sleep last night so thought I would mess around with different mods and see what I like.  installed uninstalled different camera's, Battle GUI etc, and what I think was ultimately the issue the Arpeggio Hit Effects Everywhere and/or the Application for loading Aslain's installer config app.


Now I couldn't figure out how to make that run, so I deleted it first, then my problems started.  Maybe it was that, unsure.  Basically every time I would run the installer app to remove mods and then click next to install then, everything would download but it would get hung up on installing files in the res_mods\\alt_hud, gui\flash, and gui\unbound folders. 


In alt_hud it would not overwrite settings.xml or smoke_generator_timer.xml

In gui\flash it would not overwrite anything in ml-marker or ml-damage folders or the .swf file

in gui\unbound it would not overwrite anything at all.


I tried uninstall Aslain and was able, however I could not manually delete anything left over in the res mod file (which was these 3 folders).  Windows error saying "files in use" and close the program which I could not find what was  running, even after restarting and shut down, reboot.


Afterwards I redownloaded and installed a few files at a time and chose "ignore" when it said it couldn't overwrite those above files, to retry, abort, or ignore (error or code 5 I believe) until I had all my mods reinstalled.  Game worked fine except I had no TAB key (it acted like the ALT key) and my mini MAP was broken




Played random battles.  After some time decided I did not like the Arpeggio effects, opened the installer file, unclicked, installed the mods, then everything worked great.  Played a game, no problem, everything back the way it was.


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