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  1. Any one try it after #12 can u shoot or not ?
  2. Ah ic thanks for fast respond
  3. Hello I love this mod but sometimes i need to close it is there any way to enable and disable it whit a key or totaly close it before i reinstall all the mods, its a problem on frontline battles coz u cant hit the cannons whit it.
  4. lcdr

    Extra Aim Info bug

    Ello again just remove the other addon and its work fine, thanks for help fella.
  5. lcdr

    Extra Aim Info bug

    Yeah got some other mods, so that means i gone delete them and try it again, will type again soon than
  6. lcdr

    Extra Aim Info bug

    Hello here is it Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  7. Hello Every single battle i must relocate the EAI window its always reset it possition to default how can i fix it ? Thanks and Regards Ps: sorry for my english
  8. lcdr

    [] MeltyElement's Effective Armor & Crosshair Mod

    Hello will we get an update for this ?
  9. lcdr

    Armour Viewer is gone..

    Well iam not sure i didnt have the time to cheak it i will do it soon and will tell you.
  10. As the title say in game when i press ctrl to ping on mini map etc. the mouse cursor get visible. How to fix it i can some one please help me i try everything restart the game pc delete mods etc didnt work.
  11. After v.5.11.0_02 iam not sure wich mod do it but, the in game Armour Viewer is gone. I tip on - added Historical Naval Ensigns (Flags) in 2k HD or- added Training Room + Session Stats + loading window
  12. lcdr

    new player free invite code,( Diana & Texas!)

    Ello And here is my link.. http://playtogether.worldofwarships.eu/invite/9GbLmnY I hope i can help you to..
  13. lcdr

    [] MeltyElement's Effective Armor & Crosshair Mod

    will a new version come ?
  14. lcdr

    Anfields Vehicle and OTM format

    In hope i will what i need BTW in the new version of the installer the OTM from Anfield is removed ? or iam blind if so can u add it again pls!
  15. lcdr

    Anfields Vehicle and OTM format

    Hi Grandorf If i do it will i get the colors to from the pannel ? (for w8)

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