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  1. @Arkhorse @Aslain If that dose stop the crashing let me know. However it looks to be be more of a symptom of what ever is causing the crashing. In the logs it looks like lots of callbacks, canceling of callbacks, local resources, objects and entities that are failing to be found when transitioning from battle to front end. Maybe something's changed. or some mods aren't playing well together and cleaning up things other mods are still using? hmm.. when you crash or have issues leaving battles. Is there any consistency to if they are battles where you are alive or destroyed at the end? If destroyed are leaving super fast ASAP or hanging around for a bit before leaving? Different things clean up at different times depending on the player state as they are leaving the battle so it might be related.
  2. IT LIVES! sorta.... Sights and most the original features up and running on They do not replace the the existing crosshairs. This just turns the alpha to 0 for most things and adds some new flash files to use instead. This was kinda quickly put together. There is lots of room for improvement. The crosshair circle is not there. Use what ever crosshair circle mod you like. The "arty" mode seems to mess things up. Stick to the standard strategic arty mode with these sights. Not all the options may work. It all lives on github with the full source. I most likely will not be able to maintain this in future releases unfortunately DOWNLOAD >>> MeltyElement v1.0.0-Beta <<< SHA-1: E578B589C79FEF84AF2B7806E568677F6408A01A >>>MeltyElement Fonts <<< Source: https://github.com/elementofprgress/MeltyElement_Sights  The armor panel lives on its own here:
  3. "MeltyElement" Effective Armor Calculator & Crosshair Protractor Mod Many of us remember the effective armor calculator from the MeltyMap' s MathMod. For those who don't know what its all about, there is a quick run down under the spoiler. Effective Armor Basics: Description At first the old Armor Calculator went defunct back around ~8.8. Then my old mod went defunct at ....so it has been a while....again. This time it has be re-written to work with XVM/XFW's py_macros and integrates into your XVM config. Unlike previous version the effective armor in the Armor Panel is no longer dependent on a XML sheet of tank armor and angle values that are outdated and can no longer be easily updated. All armor values and armor angles are gathered dynamically and directly from the game. A collision check based on your turret/camera rotation and tank's hull height is done against your own tank which returns the armor's angle at that point. GitHub MeltyElement Armor Panel & Protractor PY_MACRO For installation, additional features, and more information check the readme - here I will only be able to maintain work on this until the end of June or so. With the mod being built on a feature of XVM it should be usable for the foreseeable future and not get the rug pulled out from underneath it like the switch from AS2 to AS3 did last time. Also thanks to XVM, no ActionScript to mess with. Hopefully that means its somewhat accessible and can be easily updated by anyone with decompiled WoT python files. Please, feel free to take the mod and run with it. It would be awesome if some of the original MeltyMap features could stick around for more then a patch or two. FLASH VERSION mod_MeltyElement_ArmorPanel v1.0.1 This is the original flash version of the mod updated and reworked for the actionscript changes. download mod_MeltyElement_ArmorPanel.7z and extract the mods folder to your World of Tanks directory. The XML/config is found at mods\configs\ElementArmorPanelSettings.xml Notes The armor angles in the MeltyMapProtractorSetting.xml are in desperate need of updating. The type, left & right arcs(yaw limits), front & side(base armor) are completely irrelevant now and will be removed eventually. Only the arc, arc2, arc3 values are important now and need to be updated. However the old method of getting those values is no longer available due to the original Wot Tank Viewer no longer being maintained. If anyone knows of any alternative programs or methods to accurately measure angles, please let me know. (feels good to strike that out)
  4. Better late then never. WorldOfTanksMod.rar - 130.7MB All the source code for the MeltyElement mod. Including everything for the effective armor, sight, a "pitch panel" i was working on. Hopefully something in there is of use to someone. Be warned, its a tad messy. A lot of what this mod did as far as sights go can be emulated via XVM/XFW python macro sight that Ktulho made. I highly suggest doing some Russian google translation and going through this thread over on KoreanRandom. https://koreanrandom.com/forum/topic/37259-прицел-без-сведения-средствами-xvm/ With the way its set up its really easy to make some macros for what your want if your a little familiar with python.
  5. Yes very much RIP this mod. However a co-worker recently kinda...reminded me of WoT. I'm gonna see if I can get the source code and materials put together. If so I'll post everything I got for anyone who wants to look for curiosity sake or pick it up. There was lots of WIP stuff that never saw the light of day right as 9.15 and action script 3 destroyed it all
  6. Nah nah, I have a working version of the armor panel, a new pitch panel, and the stuff like sniper arty and relative height in arty. I was hoping more would be happening with crosshair mods by now so I could take them apart and learn whats going on. Right before the patch I was working on repackaging and organizing the mod. Splitting it up into multiple files in folders, custom logging functions logging to their own files, and things like that. Instead of one or two HUGE files that are a pain to work in. With out the sights that whole idea is kinda pointless. I'll have what I got uploaded in a day or two. All the nice extra info the sights provided will eventually be put into some sorta mod to display them. Their is no ETA on that however. There might come a time, possibly soon that I will have to drop the mod due to time constraints. However if and when that time comes every single line of source code and flash projects will be released.
  7. I feel your pain. I can deal with/fine with most stock things in WoT. However the stock crosshairs along with a few other things drive me up a wall so much that I can only play a round or two at a time. Actually those few things drive me so nuts...its started this whole project lol
  8. The sights are gonna take a while unless I do some really ghetto things to get partly working sights. In the mean time I might quickly put something together that displays some information like the aim time, aiming distance, etc. Just a day or two before the patch I wrote a new pen calculation that can gather a rough average of the targets armor within your dispersion instead of the armor that is pin accurate dead center. So, I wanna find a way to work that in. Most things seem to be working after a few tweaks. Armor panel, pitch panel(new), relative height targeting in strategic mode, strategic sniper(new), my take on a "ballistic calculator" mod(marker/aim correction when aiming at the tops of hills/sky), a quick lil' lobby mod so you can right click someone's name open up their WoTLabs page.(new) Not tested yet but should work x-ray and/or expanded bounding box auto aim locking, x-ray target radial menu, TD sniper mode auto rotation(all new) The crosshairs were kinda the core of the mod in features and in code, so once I rework the config files and mod structure for its temporary absence I'll start putting some stuff up
  9. I did figure something out. The way that stickers are applied to tanks is via collision detection which I would think would return an angle of some kinda though the whole thing is slightly beyond me ... for now.
  10. I went back and looked at some old copies. you must be talking about this? IIRC I did remove it from the most recent build. Mostly because it wasn't functioning fully and I'm not 100% sure where the source was from and I wanna give credit where credit is due you know? I also didn't know that it was something that people/anyone perticurly liked. Maybe I should just redesign something similar same idea but .... "melty-fy" it so it fits with the design of the sights more and replace one that I just realized servers mp purpose.
  11. Thank you! Are you talking about this marker? If so, its GunMarker: Aimpoint I (with armor Penetration indicator) . Was it not under that name in the previous build? I'm still not fully satisfied with the gun markers and center markers so I fiddle with them a lot so moves like that can easily slip past me and never make into documentation/change log. The next build will have some scaling options. I also just got my version of advance auto aim working, it will make locking on to tanks that are far away, moving quickly, or behind/partially behind cover much easier. It is really silly how pin point accurate you have to be on a tank to engage auto aim without mods. If you have any suggestions for center/gun markers let me know.
  12. Not sure what pen marker your talking about? The markers that say the pen values? If so, they are disabled by default and can be enabled in the ElementCrosshairSettings.xml Your not a pain lol. There isn't currently a way to change the size, but that is a good idea.
  13. Yup, forgot to check aim mode before letting the hotkey go through. Simple fix, gonna play a round or two to make sure and upload the fix. Yes, it was supposed to be 2.0b4 but I must have left it as 2.0b3 because I was testing a version check that didn't make the build, but will be included in the coming upload. The debug is limited a bit because the actual debug I use is a bit....intense. Enough so to where it can really hurt FPS and the majority of it is information printed out that is irrelevant to the end user. As I go I work the debugs towards error reporting and other actual useful information. Right now the debug mode mostly reports on what information is going to be used for calculating the effective armor, puts and indicator on the armor panel it self when a tank is missing arc data, and fatal exceptions that are handled. I believe he is talking about YOUR reload time in the arcade and sniper mode. Like how the reload time is down to the decimal in strategic mode. I worry that having a none stop count down in sniper/arcade mode might be....jarring. I will look into it and see what it is like. The way the reload time flashes is built into the sights fairly deep but I have a few ideas that might make a configurable option a possibility.
  14. Nah, its all good. Well at least my mod is. There are a few things the new battle interface will mess with but most of that is stuff that was planned and not yet implemented. That "stuff" being things like battle app messaging Like: I quickly looked at CT files and my mod seems like it will be okay for the update. After another build or so, I will start building on to insure zero day compatibility.
  15. Good catch on the aim time misalignment. I just fixed both the pen values and aim time, a new build will be uploaded soon(along with other fixes and features. I'm actually working on a readme and explanation of some of the features. There is a lot to go over lol. The pen values displayed are: Your penetration (the caliber of your shell) / targets armor and below that is the angle of impact your shell is predicted to have at the markers point of aim. As for the colors: Dark Red = angle is greater then then the auto bounce angle. Red = The targets armor at your aim point is thicker then your shells highest possible roll. Orange = The targets armor at your aim point is thicker then your average pen. Yellow = The targets armor at your aim point is less then your average pen but more then the low end of your pen. ie. your pen roughly = the armor and its up to the RNG gods. Green = The targets armor at your aim point is less then your lowest roll. Blue = The targets armor at your aim point is less half your average pen. (this used to indicate 2x over match but seemed redundant and still is. On indicators like the Aimpoint-I w/ armor pen. Only specific parts turn blue so its more like a notification and not coloring in the whole sight. All other markers are gonna follow suit in some way in future builds.) Purple = The 3x overmatch rules are in effect.(when your shell caliber is 3x the thickness of armor at the point of aim and will not bounce regardless of angle ) Penetration drop off, normalization, 2x overmatch modifiers, impact angle are taken into account and accounting for track thickness will be an option in future builds.
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