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  1. during battle loading I have been getting random CTD python.log _Aslains_Installer.log
  2. As far as I or anyone is aware there is no way of moving either of them since they are locked in place regardless of your screen resolution, you might could talk to wargaming about making it an option to change locations for those items when using some ungodly resolution. Chanced are they will tell you no and try and persuade you to use a different resolution.
  3. Can I suggest another hitlog? Like the one from XFT? Puts the damage and hit logs at the bottom so it's out of the way
  4. WTF lol
  5. XVM website was down most of the day for maintenance and is up and running again, so everything should work as it's supposed to
  6. Provide the correct logs and someone will be able to help you faster....
  7. I will see what I can do when I wake up
  8. It shows 1% no matter what 100% of the time _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  9. OK so why is it from the very first battle on a clean install it's 1% for me, any tank any battle, don't matter what map or anything?
  10. What really upsets me and I'm sure it does a lot of other people too is the fact that they say they will not discuss what mod a player got banned for, if the player got banned for a mod that is deemed legal that is in the most current modpack then the player should have a right to know what mod it was and contest it. They say though the decisions are final and will not be reviewed after the punishment is handed out. How is that fair to the player? I'm gonna be pissed if I became one of those players and I'm using all legal mods.......
  11. I didn't even know it existed till I seen quickybaby do it......
  12. Not sure why you don't have the problem when it's a problem for me on a 100% fresh install
  13. Gaming on a non gaming laptop will do that. I would rather take performance than quality....... But with my rig I get both so it's not an issue for me even with all of XVM being used....
  14. A 2.7 GHz stock 3.3 GHz boost clock quad core will definitely slow you down especially with only 8GB of memory and no hyper threading. Try adding memory, another 8 GB will give you a little boost. Who runs 8GB of memory anymore especially on today's systems..... (IMHO)
  15. What do you run for a processor? Reason I ask is because the game relies on the processor a lot for mods usage rather than the video card and other things as well. Also what memory (amount and by chance speed) cause that is also a factor too. Metro 2033 redux/Witcher 3/Overwatch utilizes the GPU more than WoT does for most of it's framerate, not saying that WoT doesn't utilize the graphics card.....
  16. I've never turned mine off and notice no drop in FPS. I still average 60 FPS with XVM on and off and I have all the XVM options enabled. I also am running an older XFX R9-270X graphics card and an AMD FX-9590 5 GHz processor, My hardware might be the reason I am having better luck with not having lower frame rates as my PC has the power to make it work. Just a thought..... may not completely be a software issue but maybe a hardware issue that's causing a lot of issues for people......
  17. OK but that doesn't help some of us with a rave in our aim dot or recital. I just spent hours reinstalling everything yesterday hoping a fresh install of everything would fix it but to no avail, fixed a lot of other small annoyances though
  18. Done, thanks and yes I used logs from last version cause the new one wasn't out yet. Not that it matters right now cause now DLC server giving problems again so I can't use any of the hangers.
  19. Noticed this with the hanger mod _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  20. DLC's not downloading completely again, speed increased from the 300-400KBps it was doing (and downloading complete) to 1+MBps (not downloading completely again) The only DLC that has fully downloaded in my list of mods that use DLC is the tank lights, none of the others have _Aslain_logs.zip
  21. I had it unchecked......, I'm doing a reinstall of game and mods, will check back
  22. I'm not using PMOD though....
  23. It's not just that crosshair, it's all of them from what I've noticed. I was having the same words on the same one but had to switch to another because of another bug I ran into causing my graphics to go weird, posted about it I switched to another 2 or 3 different ones and if it wasn't words it was the aim dot flickering like a strobe light. Once you zoom in and back out it's gone, causes no visible issues.
  24. Asking won't do any good, they said they will not discuss what mods have been found being used, BS if you ask me since as far as any of us know all the mods in you and Quickybaby's packs are legal. Not only that but they are saying the bans are irreversible and will not be discussed.