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  1. Will do when I get home and on my PC
  2. No I don't use it I don't use this either
  3. Ok so I'm not the only one having this issue, thought I was......
  4. Maybe revert back the the previous version and reinstall and see if it still works.....???
  5. Didn't notice that.... my bad but by default if there is another tank that comes next you can't activate it till the next tank is researched unless it's a bug with wargaming enabling it
  6. So far I have ran into a few different bugs and issues with the new pack The game crashes randomly When the game crashes and you open the game back up random things stop working in battle until the battle is over and you are back in the garage. When you look at the battle results the detailed damage and other info on the results main screen don't all appear like they should (see screenshot) Ran into a problem with the chatbox not working or any of the F key commands or other chat related commands not working either. I will try and unload some of the mods and see if I can get an idea of what mods are needing updates Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  7. I have yet to figure out what all mods are crashing things but I have given it a break tonight as the constant crashing has about driven me completely batty
  8. What does this have to do with the problem?
  9. So far noticed after removing the custom battle results window I can see all the detailed information
  10. If you are experiencing bugs with the modpack then make a new thread in the bugs section, bugs aren't the topic in this thread
  11. redownload the modpack and try again
  12. I so know the feeling as I have been dealing with the same problem for a few modpack updates and it's incredibly frustrating when you are playing and load into a map (in my case 2 specific maps) and cannot play at all till the round is over as the game keeps crashing on the map
  13. It is cause anything that would need a connection will make Mcafee ask if you set it up as I said, I would know cause I had done the same thing before, every mod requesting a connection can then be whitelisted for future connections.
  14. Yeah I'll have to see if I can try and get more details and specific maps (I have noticed that it is only a couple specific maps) and Not sure what the replays will show but I will see what I can do.
  15. Last 2-3 modpacks the game has been randomly crashing, not sure whats up. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  16. It's not up to me to figure out, that is up to the mod makers and Aslain or anyone with the knowledge in how to break down what is what in the python log. Hence why I am reporting the issue, not my area of expertise.... I just know how to read enough of it to know if it's a mod issue or game issue or some other issue
  17. Again it's not an issue with the graphics card. AMD has a thing that if the graphics card software (Radeon Settings, more specifically Wattman which is what controls the clock speeds, fan curves and other settings that are mostly used for gaming) has a crash during a game it will let you know that there was a problem with it when the game crashes and that the software has restarted with default settings to which mine is at default settings anyways, but also there would be something in the event viewer about the crash and what crashed and none of those crashes have said anything about the graphics software having a crash. After more than 20 years working on computers and building $1k-$6k gaming computer systems I would know how all that works and the difference between a hardware, hardware/software, or software crash and to see where and when and what exactly crashed. Also from reading over the Python log I can see it's a mod problem not anything else...
  18. What you can do is set your firewall to ask for permission to have anything connect to the internet which would include mods that need connection, and when the pop up comes up asking for permission then hit the always allow and it will white list those mods in the firewall and prevent that problem in the future. It may ask again when you update those mods in the future but as long as you have always allow clicked then when they need connection during game play you won't have to worry about any of them buggin out
  19. Well I hate to break it to you but I don't and never will use anything but Aslain's, if you want to accuse me of doing so here and in the chat box then we will have a problem, paid member or not this bs is gonna stop. Secondly I never said anything about wargaming cause I never contacted wargaming about this problem cause it's not a game issue as it only happens with the mods I have selected from Aslain and ONLY Aslain's modpack. Now that I have gotten that said, unless you know what you are doing or talking about leave this up to the professionals and people who have been here since before February and know what they are talking about!. And it's not a graphics card issue, card is brand new current software and 0 crashes in the event viewer, 0 errors with the card.
  20. First off I don't use anything but Aslain's modpack, secondly I tried that and nothing has worked, I have even tried eliminating mods 1 by 1 to see if I could find the problem and no luck. I have tried reinstalling the game and deleting caches and all the stuff I know how to do and have suggested to others to fix any of their problems. And lastly if you haven't noticed I had already included the zip file with all the logs as I know how to report a problem.
  21. @Aslain are all the errors in my python log game issues or mod issues? Any clues or idea?
  22. Certains mods sont fps intensifs. Il obtient l'équilibre juste sur les mods. Ce que j'ai fait pour lutter contre l'utilisation de mods pour le jeu, a mis mes graphiques en panne et désactive certaines des fonctions telles que la fumée, etc. J'ai dû transformer mes affaires sur ma dernière carte sur ses dernières jambes.
  23. If you have full admin permissions then you should have 100% access to and view all things related to security. that has been blocked for some reason by either a corrupt download or installation. @1SL_Comms_Off I would suggest you go a little further that this, I would just completely uninstall the game, modpack and all the cache files associated with wot and the modpack and restart your PC and double check to make sure any remaining files and/or folders are removed, restart again and do a 100% fresh download and install of the game and the modpack.... This may be something that may not be fixed by the game integrity check within the launcher, something to check though before you uninstall and reinstall everything. I know this would be a real big hassle for you or anyone but as someone who deals with things like this all the time in my job, it sounds like a likely solution for your problem. Something to consider though going forward is after installing any new modpack check the game with the integrity checker in the launcher.
  24. You may want to try and change the security settings yourself if you are running the computer in admin mode. this is not an issue with the modpack but an issue with the security settings on your pc
  25. Try reinstalling with checking the clean up DLC folder, could have had a corrupted download