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  1. I've tried since the last major game update to play the game with mods but every time I do the game when opened causes my computer to completely lock up and have to force restart. Getting pretty annoying to be honest! I can load the game in safe mode but not with mods so I know it's not an issue with the game. It has the latest modpack installed and there is nothing showing in the python log showing any problems and I have a very limited amount of mods selected compared to what I have used in the past. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  2. Then it's been decided, @Aslain says there's no issue but it still crashes my computer so the gremlins are to blame! Damn them bastards! I dunno then. I guess I just have to keep avoiding that section till its fixed. I'm not gonna keep putting my computer at risk to figure out any further which mod exactly is doing it.
  3. Yeah I'm not sure what the deal is, all I know is it's something in that section
  4. Modpack and registry issues

    If you have a problem getting viruses and malware then I'd suggest getting a good antivirus that has a browser tool that will automatically block known websites with viruses and malware from being accessed from your computer. Seems like you have a bad habit of going places on the web you shouldn't be going..... If you have to run 2 antiviruses to protect you then you need to find 1 good one that will be less of a hassle and save your computer in the process. Personally I like McAfee and I also use Malwarebytes (Malwarebytes works great pared with any antivirus regardless of the company and can be downloaded free here>Malwarebytes), they work great together and there are others out there that offer you the best protection that will be better than running 2 and creating conflicts on your computer.
  5. I've narrowed it down I think. I deleted all the mods and started installing them one section at a time, looks to be xvm related. Got to this selection and installed the mods I normally do and opened the game and that's when it locked up my computer and had to force restart.
  6. My new youtube channel

    I started a new youtube channel for doing tank reviews and showing off some gameplay and doing live streams. If anyone is interested WoT, WoWS, and WoP: Replays, Reviews, and Gameplay. I currently have 10 subscribers and hoping to catch the eye of many of you who then would share my channel for more people to see! I'm not Quickybaby or the Mighty Jingles but I am your average Joe player that sees the game and the way it's played by any other average Joe. Also @Aslain FYI I am featuring your modpack on my channel too, hope it will get you more users and hopefully more income! You do deserve it with all the hard work you do keeping it all going!
  7. The enemy player panels on the battle loading screen and in the battle are all mirrored, I double checked I selected the right mirror option in the installer. It's only in grand battles Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  8. Not sure what is going on but the last 2 pack updates have provided me with 10-20 fps on average when I normally run double that. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  9. Horrible FPS with the last 2 pack updates

    Those aren't the only mods with FPS issues, Tank Lights is too, just installed it ran 1 battle and bam...... crap FPS again. And on top of that the installer isn't removing them from the mods folder even with remove previous mods checked, I have to manually remove them
  10. Horrible FPS with the last 2 pack updates

    Ok wow that was a huge improvement!
  11. Horrible FPS with the last 2 pack updates

    Yeah I will try and get back to you
  12. Horrible FPS with the last 2 pack updates

    Yeah every battle Video 1 showing horrible FPS Video 2 showing horrible FPS both videos were during a live stream on twitch. Also notice when watching the tracks have some sort of light flickering around them, The first video I had the lights and night sky mod and thought that had something to do with it so I removed that set of mods and still seen it so I'm not sure what's going on.
  13. Player pannels in grand battles mirrored

    I wonder why.... Maybe one day this will be fixed I hope. It's not a really big issue but with me live streaming on YouTube and twitch now and having followers and subscriptions I get asked about it a lot.
  14. Player pannels in grand battles mirrored

    So there is no foreseeable fix to this?
  15. Player pannels in grand battles mirrored

    Since 3 or 4 modpacks ago I think..... I cannot remember but then again I never got grand battles as much as I do now since they changed the odds of getting in so I didn't really notice till now
  16. My new youtube channel

    I know with tanks it is a lot of mods but that's about it, warships I don't use a lot of mods and warplanes I don't use any, but the point of the videos isn't the mods.
  17. My new youtube channel

    Also going to add my channel's facebook and twitter links below Facebook Twitter
  18. Game crashing after getting into the hangar

    Well the thing about wargaming is it seems like they have a lot of events that require some extra work from the modders to make their mods work anyways, even though it's not permanent. And even if this is the type of event that may not be use often it wouldn't hurt to have somewhat of a template that can help get the ball rolling in future events. That's just logic in my mind if I was a modder. Be ready for anything that wargaming throws our way.....
  19. Game crashing after getting into the hangar

    Makes sense I guess, but wouldn't all the coding be the same regardless if there is more than 1 turret and gun? Should be just a simple fix to add the specs and such of the tanks used in the event to whatever mods have the issues unless wargaming has screwed something up.... Right?
  20. Lag/screen jumping

    This is what they always do when you have a problem with the game, regardless if it's a communication problem between the user and the servers. You should see some of the conversations I have had with wargaming as of late when it came to issues related to lag, let's just say that they don't like me especially when I tell them they are full of shit by blaming the mods and have produced enough evidence to show that the issue happens with or without the mods when I submit a ticket
  21. Game crashing after getting into the hangar

    My question is why is it this event is causing the majority of the issues we are seeing? Didn't have these issues with the christmas event or the mark 1 event or the IS-8 ball event that I can remember.....
  22. Game crashing after getting into the hangar

    Couldn't agree more, works fine for me this way!
  23. Game crashing after getting into the hangar

    I had the same problem but like Aslain said this event is causing a lot of problems. Perhaps running the event in safe mode is the best solution for everyone till the event is over or the problem is found and a solution is applied. Mods work great when playing randoms and the such, it's just the event that seems to be causing the majority of peoples CTD's.
  24. Frequent CTD's

    Will do and let you know. May be a couple days but I will let you know asap!