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  1. Try reinstalling with checking the clean up DLC folder, could have had a corrupted download
  2. Well for a test version it worked great and brought some nice scenery to the garage, hope it comes back permanently
  3. Hangerman is selected in the installer but doesn't show in the game, not sure why but yeah..... Will have to revert back to last mod pack in order to have it back, Other than that no issues or bug that I have seen Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  4. He's not the only one having this pop up, I am too Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  5. Ok That I didn't know, was wondering why in the latest version it wasn't showing up either..... and like Anger_Arrow said I don't get why it had an expiration date lol.... would have been nice to know ahead of time.....
  6. Also the gremlins too.....
  7. Don't forget the required logs and yes that has been happening for quite some time, sometimes with 1 version of the mod pack it's like that and another it's gone... not sure why and I don't think this has been brought up before
  8. @Aslain this is the same topic I started not so long ago
  9. Personally my thought on the whole subject of the fair play policy is this.... The only way that cheaters are going to go away is if mods all together get banned from the game and when that day comes it's gonna be a sad day.... I know people still are using cheats and have to deal with the majority of them on a daily basis while playing the game. If wargaming was really doing what they said they were doing then the game would be a lot better than what it is today but it's not. People shooting through hills and solid buildings or with some kind of auto aim bot that leads the target or map mods that let the enemy know when trees go down or buildings get crushed, not getting spotted and somehow losing full health from arty shot while sitting stationary with a camo net.... all things I still deal with regularly..... So where is wargamings "detection of illegal mods" when this happens?
  10. I use the mod myself @Aslain and it works as intended
  11. Sorry my bad i guess I forgot the extra 0 when I was typing but yes the top 1000
  12. XVM only produces clan icons for like the top 100 clans in standings for each region
  13. Ok well I reverted back to the last modpack cause it works, just until it's fixed
  14. The 3 of you need to provide logs as well, the more information that @Aslain can get the better..... And on another note I as well am having the same issue, noticed a lot of errors in the python log.... python.log _Aslains_Installer_CompList.log _Aslains_Installer_Extractor.log _Aslains_Installer_Options.inf
  15. Logs? Screenshots?
  16. Wrong section....... this is WoT not WoWs
  17. Provide the required logs so you can be helped, if you don't know what logs you need then see link below
  18. Glad I was able to help! Sometimes it's not a modpack related issue but a game issue instead. The python log can and will tell you the difference between a mod having an error and the game itself having the error, surprised that Aslain didn't catch those errors but then again it's not a mod related issue so......
  19. @Spazza, might I suggest a couple ideas in case it's not repeatable with anyone else? 1. I would try running the game file checker tool built into the launcher in the settings on the launcher, it will check to make sure there is no problems with game files, to which I see in your python log some original game file issues, could be caused by a mod or possibly you just somehow have a corrupted file. Running that check will will find any corrupted files in the game and remove and replace them. If that doesn't work then I would suggest step 2 which would be to uninstall the game, mods and all, even make sure the WoT folder is completely removed from the system as it sometimes doesn't always get fully removed when you uninstall and also delete the game caches on the computer before reinstalling the game. If for any reason your computer will not let you remove the WoT folder if it's still there after you uninstall the game, just simply restart your pc and it should allow you to delete it along with all of it's contents. If you don't know where your game cache is it's in your c drive in the following path C:/users/(user name of person registered as admin..... usually top folder with your name on it)/AppData/Roaming/ on the very bottom or close to it is a folder named Wargaming.net, just right click and delete. After making sure the game folder and game cache folders are completely wiped from your computer just restart the computer then reinstall and reinstall the mods and try again. The errors I seen in the python log suggest a tooltip error that may be related to the error you are having and shouldn't take more than running the game checker to fix, but in the off chance the checker doesn't find or fix it option 2 is your best option, although a big pain in the butt. Hope you find what is causing the problem and can find a solution that will work for you to fix it
  20. This goes with all tanks and having that perk trained on the commanders for those tanks. Just in case you didn't realize that this works only as @exarish said... Common mistake people have made in the past.....
  21. I noticed for a while that the damage counted by missions helper and damage logs often are way off, I'm not talking like a few HP here and there but like thousands of HP off, doesn't matter if it's just you doing the mission or in a platoon on a platoon mission.... And when I say I have noticed it for a while, I mean for like at least months..... never really has bothered me much except now I need something that is a lot more accurate as I am trying to get some missions completed and need the accuracy while in game. _Aslains_Installer_CompList.log _Aslains_Installer_Extractor.log _Aslains_Installer_Options.inf python.log
  22. Damn, I was just gonna ask about the possibility of contacting him..... Would be nice I understood how the inner workings of mods worked so I could fix it myself..... too bad you don't have a translator to help you speak Russian for those mod makers that speak it......
  23. No it was the same. Like I said it's been off for months like 2 or 3 at least
  24. 9.17.1 won't be live on that server until the 28th
  25. You need to provide the required logs for there to be a fix, otherwise this post is no help and no solution will be forthcoming.