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  1. It's not the modpack as a whole, there is a specific file in the pack that is a threat. Not saying I don't trust you Aslain cause I do without a doubt, but Antivirus aren't out to get you and there could be a threat. Always better to be safe than sorry.
  2. Using the replay manager to play a replay for a youtube video and when my tank gets destroyed on the replay the replay freezes and the game becomes unresponsive. If you want logs and stuff lemme know. I need to get this figured out so I can do this video.
  3. No never hit alt and worked just fine in version 7 of the pack
  4. When I updated to the latest modpack this morning I got into battle and when I wanted to chat every time I hit enter it changed my game from full screen windowed bordered to not being full screen, I did not add or remove any mods, don't know if this problem existed with v8 of the pack as I didn't install it. And even when I hit enter and it altered my window size it still didn't open the chat dialogue Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  5. It's funny this was brought up, I have been having the same issues, I think I will try without friend notifier and see if that's what it is for me. But I noticed its at it's worst when I'm around forested areas, Not seeing my FPS drop but micro stuttering like crazy also with a few crashes.
  6. The no fog and mod_tweaker_skyboxes didn't exist in that folder for me, I did let him know that all I did was delete the stuff in spaces and it worked again. So the rest is up to you and him to figure out for the future lol.
  7. I finally heard back about what to do to fix the problem, not sure if there is something you need to do on your end for the next installation but here is a screenshot of what he said
  8. They are both download links, the first link is just ads first so Aslain can get income for the awesome work he does
  9. @AslainI have yet to hear anything back from the mod creator, I posted in the forum about the issues I am experiencing and also in private message. As of the latest pack I am still having the same issue. Every pack since I noticed the issue I do a fresh install of all mods with a clean DLC download.
  10. I'm just passing on what I have been told by several people. Something you might want to consider is we Americans don't have the same internet laws you guys over the pond do, ADs are tailored specifically to target people based on location and other factors. So us Americans may see far different ads than you guys over on the other side of the globe because of certain laws that apply to you guys that don't apply to us.
  11. As someone who helps advertise this modpack I have had several people come back to me saying the same thing, it's either a metric crap ton of pop ups or porn stuff. Even had a couple people who had additional things get downloaded to their computer. I ALWAYS recommend them reinstalling windows the game and downloading using the direct link. The ad links are just too risky. If the ad links are blocked by antivirus companies it's done for a reason.
  12. I did, tried new modpack as well, still no change. Sent a few new screenshots to you in discord. It's really not a game breaking issue but would like to know what the cause is and see that there is a fix for it eventually.
  13. The sky is bright as day and the night has gone away..... I'm a vampire who despises the daytime and need my darkness back! :D Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
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