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  1. I have to play with my sound effects slider all the way down because the hit sounds are so loud (me taking damage) that it makes my ears ring. So I'd like to hear my gun sound, but lower the volume of the effect for taking hits
  2. Im having the exact same issue, but its when I load into certain maps Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  3. Happening to me too. Not every game but most of them...when I click Back To Garage if I die
  4. Raptango

    Default Zoom

    The first time I zoom into sniper mode in most games, I use my mouse wheel, and instead of starting at 2x...it starts at 30x and freaks me out. If I scroll out, I can go from arcade to sniper mode normally after that. It only happens the first time I zoom into sniper mode each game.
  5. Raptango

    WOT Crash on start

    Argon, I had the same problem and fixed it by deselecting all of the mods in the modpack, then adding back just xvm and saving it, and then, adding back mostly everything else and saving it again. I still haven't added back Battle Observer and Yasen Krasen yet because they have in the past caused issues but I suspect the problem is this...one or more mods from prior versions aren't completely uninstalling and are incompatible with this patch, so you have to deselect them all and save the file, and then re-select them and save again. Its possible that selecting Delete the Cache when installing will achieve the same thing. Aslain, you might also want to check how your code cleans up existing selections when there's a new micropatch.
  6. Raptango

    WOT Crash on start

    Argon, I've been plagued with this as well. I disable the hitlog settings but still crashing. I've had to play vanilla for the past few days
  7. When I try and change consumables on the T-34-85m I get a message: Error: Service Error. Please Try Again Later. It doesnt happen if i start the game in Safe Mode
  8. The in game Multi Hit Log is still showing WN8 version 29 for the E50 which has an expected damage of 4585 which was a mistaken 3k increase over WN8 version 28.
  9. I have a 1440p monitor, and currently if I set Graphics Mode to Full Screen or Windowed Borderless mode, it looks like the first two screenshots. In Windowed mode it looks normal (3rd jpg). This doesn't happen if I play in Safe Mode. I have no idea what mod is doing this. I just updated my nVidia graphics driver but no change. I have a 980ti
  10. Raptango

    Crashes and Timeouts

    Aslain, i discovered that my constant client crashes last week were due to an incompatibility between nVidia Shadowplay and the Windows 10 DVR app for XBOX. So it wasnt the modpack at all. Here's a quick video on the fix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5ET498q91E
  11. Raptango

    Sixth Sense sound

    me too. Thanks
  12. Raptango

    crashng to desktop

    I reinstalled Windows (and WOT) and the problem seems to have resolved.
  13. Raptango

    crashng to desktop

    I'm going to go back to build 55 again and see if it solves the problem. Been crashing two and three times every game.
  14. Raptango

    crashng to desktop

    Im having the same issue. Crashes every 2-3 games early in the battle. BIG PROBLEM DONT IGNORE IT

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